Harry potter love story!!

This story is written by me and my sister karmen! :) hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

3 new friends, 2 new crushes ???

I am on the train to hogwarts in my 3rd when a dark hair boy walk in my compartment with a red headed boy.
1st boy- my we sit in hear with you?
U: sure
1st boy: my names harry
U: nice to meet you my names _
2nd boy: and my names Ron
U: nice to meet you too.
they both sit down across from you. for a moment you all sit in silence. No one says anything and you look at harry and see he is starring at you. You are understand why but he is. And you think this is kind of awkward...... so you break eye contact.
U: so what house are you two in ?
H: Gryffindor
U: me 2
R: then we should all hangout some time
U: yeah...
H: sooo do you no Hermione?
U: yeah me and her have been roommates for the lst 2 years and are going to be again this year. I know you three are close right?
R: yeah we but we could always use a 4th to the 3 of us
U: well thank you for the invited haha
you all got talking and before you knew you were bestfriends and at hogwarts.
You went through the rest of the night laughing and joking with Harry and Ron and Hermione then started to think do i like harry ? He is handsome and funny but so is Ron. O gosh do i like both...? Idk i figure it out.
~ 4 months later ~ ( still liking both Ron and Harry )
You are sitting with Harry, Ron, and Hermione at the Christmas dinner before Christmas break and you are all trading gifts. You had gotten Hermione the 2nd edition of The encyclopedia of potions, Harry a wand polisher, and Ron a bag of prank stuff. But you were only giving ur gift to Hermione because she was leaving for christmas and you 3 were staying. You hand Hermione ur gift.
U: mine first!
Her: ok:)
she gently ripped the wrapping paper of the book.
Her: oh how did you no i wanted this!?!?
U: lucky guess
R: you have only been saying you wanted for like..what? 2 months! haha!
U: shut-up ron and give hermione ur gift.
R: ok here you go
he handed her a medium sized box with a bow and ribbon on it. No wrapping paper at all. Hermione opened it and inside was a huge stack of book covers. All different sizes and color.
Her: thanks , ron ( she gives him a small hug )
R: ur welcome
Then, harry butts in
H; open mine!
harry hand Hermione a square box. She unwraps it and its snuggie!
Her: awesome a snuggie! thank you.
H: ur welcome
~~ christmas day ~~
you walk down to the common room and sitting drinking hot chocolate is harry and ron.
U: hey you guys!
H: well hello sleepy head!
U: its only 8:30am. how am i a sleepy head!?!? its early!
R; yeah but me and harry have been up since 6:00am waiting for you to get up!
U; oh haha sorry
H: it ok. Now tome for presents!
U: yay!
R: who goes 1st ?
U: umm you and Harry open my gifts 1st!
R: haha ok
U: yay.
They both just rip in to the wrapping paper. Harry gets his open 1st then ron.
H: oh thank you so much _
U: your welcome harry! :)
Harry hugs you tight. He smells like cologne. Then you notice he hasnt let go yet ? Then he realizes and awkwardly lets go.
R: oh thank you _ ! Maybe i can get Fred and George with this stuff.
U: hahaha your welcome that why i got it for you to prank them.
Ron was about to hug you then didnt. and you started to think i like them both but i dont think ron likes me but harry might! :)
R: now open are gifts!
U: ok
R: ok here is mine
Ron handed you a huge bag. You take out the tissue paper and look inside and there is a box you open the box to find.. 6 things of PINK a perfume you love and he got you the whole collection.
U: oh thank you thank you thank you ron i love it so much i only have half a thing left of my little bottle and you got me the whole collection! thank you i love it!!
you run over and hug him tight and kiss him on the check and he blushes bad! like really bad!
R: umm im glad you uh like it :)
H: o wow. well mine isnt that great or anything but i have to go get it hold on.
harry runs up the stairs, you hear him start walking back down.
H: close ur eyes !
U: why ?
H: just do it!
U: haha ok then bossy
you close your eys then feet something small on ur arm
H: now open!
you open your eyes to see a small black owl perched on ur arm! he has glodem eyes and he is soooo cute!
U: oh thank you harry! you didnt have to get me an owl!
H: ur welcome. and dont worry i wanted to get you it and her cage is sitting over there.
You hug him tight and kiss im on the check too. and he blushes worst then ron.
You open the rest of your gifts and you got a sweat shirt from the rest of the Weasleys, a friendship necklace from Hermione, and then you found a box with you name on it but it didnt say who it was from. It was a long box. You unwrapped ot and inside was Nibus 3000!
H: whoa who is that from!?!?!?!?
U: i have no idea i dont who whould get me something like this and there is not a name on the box that says who its from or a note either i have no idea!!!
R: that is one wierd something something you go going on there
U: yeah...
R: while i have stuff i need to do so im going to go upstairs and take a nap and stuff
U and H: ok
U: so what do you want to do ?
H: idk .
U: that's real helpful
H: well... we could go ride brooms
U: sure that sounds fun
you and harry slip on jackets and get ur brooms and run outside . you both take of fly. you and harry are the best flyers at the school but no one can tell who is better you or him. All of the sudden harry shoots down and you go right on after him. he was acting like he had seen a snitch. And then he just stop and you stop and almost ran in to him!
U: what are you doing you crazy i almost ran in to you!
H: haha sorry but i have a idea
U: what?
H: lets both getting on my broom and i will fly us of over the lake
U: huh? why i could just go over the lake on mine i dont need to get on urs
then you thought why did i just say that! im so dum this was the prefect chance to get close to harry and i probably just blew it! gosh i could have sitting on his broom him flyng me hold me in his arms so i didnt fall! ugh im so stupid!
H: just cuase it would be easier
U: ok
thank God he didnt agree! :))) you both fly over to the tree next to the lake. so you can put down you r broom and get on his. harry puts his arms around you to hold on to broom and ur both are off.
H: you smell nice
U: thank you:) it the perfume ron gave me
H: ron has a huge crush on you.
U: no way! haha
H; yes way!
U: haha i didnt even notice
H: how!?!?
U: idk
H: i know someone else who likes you
U: who?
H: nevile and draco and semus!
U: holy cow im not that great
H: haha yes you are!
U: not really
H: yes you are end of argument!
U: ok....
H: so the question is who does __ like?
you thought for a minute you were about to say Ron but then you thought but what if harry likes me and just hasnt told me yet i dont want him to think i like ron!
U: umm I like someone
H: who?
U: someone
H: who?
U: someone
H: who someone
U: a someone you didnt name
H: oh well then .
H: ok well i have another present for you
U: whoa what!?!?
H: here ill show you
harry when back to the tree and you both sit on the ground and harry pulls out a small box. he opens it and inside is a letter 'H'. harry saying nothing flips in over and on the back it is says " I'm willing to take the chance and ask you this"
H: will you go out with me ?

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