Love Lost In A Forbidden Valley (A Draco Malfoy Story) part 6

part 6, successss!!!! okay so the moment you have been waiting for, DRACO MALFOY.... will not be in this chapter but he will definitely be in the next one, so i hope your excited
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Chapter 1

Journey To Bill and Fleur’s

by: kinewnew
It wasn’t hard to tell Scorpius about our new living arrangements; he actually had no problem with it. I think he just wanted to help Fleur with Victoire. Though he did sound a bit annoyed that he was waking up so early. I was packing everything of mine and Scorpius in to any bags Mr. and Mrs. Weasley gave me. That was until I reached the necklace Draco had gotten me. I stared at it, debating what to do. I swallowed my stubbornness, and placed the necklace around my neck. Harry had came upstairs to talk to me.

“Adriana, I know exactly what you are going through,” he told me as he took my hand. I gave him a small smile.

“I won’t let Voldemort get you; I promise I will protect you—”

“Harry, you can’t, you have to find those horcruxes, and if Voldemort happens to get me—”

“Adriana don’t say that, he will not get you, I won’t let it. You’re one of my best friends and I’ll be damned if you died because of me,” he told me.

“This is not your fault Harry! You have to stop blaming everything that is happening now on you. He wants me because of how powerful he has thinks Scorpius is, it has nothing to do with you.” I tried to reassure him.

“But If I wouldn’t have had that mental breakdown 4 years ago, Voldemort might actually be dead right now,” Harry told me.

I sighed again, “Harry, you’re my one my best friends and I am not going to let anything happen to you, Ron or Hermione. If I do get caught by him, you need to realize I will have to go. Your safety is much more important than mine at the moment.” Now I was starting to sound like him.

“Adriana don’t say that, your safety is just as important as mine is—”

“Look Harry it’s sweet that you care, but I’m too stress to argue right now,” he sighed and walked out of my room, leaving me alone again with my thoughts.

Scorpius ran in the room, breathing rapidly.

“Mommy, grandpa Weasley said it is time to go. There are some creepy men down there; one has an eye that can move and cane. And there’s another man who is huge,” Scorpius told me in delight. I laughed lightly as he ran back downstairs. Hagrid, Mad-eye, Kingsley, Fred, and George had came to take me to Bill and Fleur’.

I sighed and took a look around the room that I had grown so fond of. I walked downstairs and smiled at the sight. Fred and George were telling jokes to Harry and Ron. Hermione, being the person she is, was trying not to laugh and was giving them disapproving glares. Kingsley was chatting up with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. Scorpius was around Mad-eye and Hagrid, who had a very annoyed expression, which changed when he saw me standing on the stairs.

“Ah, there she is, oughta be going then,” Mad-eye grunted.

“It’s good to see you too,” I told him and wrapped my arms around his torso.

“ADRIANA!” Hagrid roared.

I smiled and gave him a big hug as well.

“Oh the dangers, yeh kids get yerselves inta,” Hagrid told me and his arms were suddenly squeezing tighter around me. I couldn’t really breathe, but
Hagrid didn’t seem to notice, though Mad-eye did.

“Okay, okay, enough of the public displays of affections would you. We oughta be going,”

Hagrid released me, and my body gave a nasty little jerk as the blood ran through my body again.

Hagrid took notice to this, “Er… Sorry,”

“It’s okay,” I told him as the pain began to subside.

“Alrigh’ so this is what we are doing. Harry, Adriana, and Scorpius, since they are the most important, will be with Hagrid and I. we will be taking them in one of the muggle cars, Kingsley was able to ‘borrow’ from the Prime Minister. Ron and Hermione will be Kingsley in one of the ministry carts, and Molly and Arthur, will take the twins in the other cart. Everybody understand?” Roared Mad-eye.

We all mumble our agreements.

“Great then let’s leave,”

I took Scorpius’s hand and Harry’s in my other as we walked to what I expected to be the muggle car. I sighed and sat Scorpius down on my lap. The car was

“Red light is ready, Green we go, got it?” Mad-eye told everyone.
There was a flash of red light, and soon after green followed it. The car sped off; I looked behind me, and did not see the other cars behind us. Instead I saw hooded figures on broomsticks following us. Mad-eye swore under his breath.

“Damnit, how did they know we were moving you?”

“Ah no matter, we were prepared for this to happen, Harry and Adriana, stay in here,” I looked back at Harry, who was looking reluctant about doing nothing. My gaze dropped down to Scorpius’s, who was looking back at me, terrified.

“It’s going to be o—” my words were cut off great a flash and the roof flew off of the car. Harry was quick to grab his wand as numerous spells flew past us. I couldn’t let the death eaters see Scorpius; I slowly took my wand out and placed towards Scorpius’s back. I looked down and felt him jerk violently. When I looked back up I could not see him, though I could still feel him, my disillusionment charm had worked.

“Mommy what was that, my back felt cold and wet,”

“Shhh. Scorpius I’m going to need you to stay quiet until we get to Bill’s okay?” I felt his body move, assuming he nodded I placed him on the side of me. I turned around to confront Harry now.

“Harry, you have to get down, now! Don’t you see, they are on a frenzy right now, they are thinking of how Glad their Dark Lord will be if one of them caught the both of us. Put your cloak on Harry, or I will be forced to place the disillusionment charm on you.” I told him.

“Adriana, why must I place the dangers on your head? I am not going to let them hurt you because of me,”

I was starting to get annoyed “Harry, how many times do I have to tell you? You are not the only cause of this, just please put the invisibility cloak on,”

He hesitated, though I could see in his eyes that he had no intention on dropping his wand.

“Please do it Harry, do it for me,” he looked at me for a while, but finally surrendered with a sigh, and he took his placed his cloak around himself. I suddenly started to feel cold, and lifeless. I looked up and realized what was causing me to feel that way. “Ha-Harry are those dementors?” I asked him.

“Damnit,” I couldn’t see him, but I knew that had to be a yes. I looked back towards where he was and I saw his wand poking through in midair.

“Harry, no! I’ll do it, you just… you cast a shielding charm around us,” I told him

“Protego,” he whispered in a frustrated tone.

I tried to think of happy moments, though there weren’t any. I made my thoughts transfer to my parents, but all I could see were their deaths. Then my mind wondrously started drifting to thoughts about… Draco.

“Mommy?” a voice said from beside me. I looked down, and smiled, knowing what I could now think about.

I made my voice as strong as I could, “EXPECTO PATRONUM,” a wolf produced from my wand. I heard Scorpius’s sigh of admiration from beside me. Wand still pointing towards the dementors and death eaters, I turned to look at our surroundings. I noticed that the car was starting to slow down, and my heart started pounding hard in my chest. What if we ran out of fuel or whatever muggles use to power this thing.

“Adriana, you can put your wand down. We are here now,” a voice said from beside me, startling me. I turned around and saw that it was only Mad-eye.

“Where is Harry and the boy?” he asked

“The boy has a name,” I snarled

“I am right here,” Harry said, noticing the tension, as he pulled off his cloak.

I pulled out my wand and pointed it to the place where I set Scorpius. I took the charm off of him and saw that his face was filled with excitement.

“Mommy, mommy we’re here!” he exclaimed.

I smiled and nodded at him, but glared at Mad-eye as I passed him. I walked towards the cottage, and Bill and Fleur were standing there with worried expressions.

“Where is everyone else?” Bill asked as we approached him.

“Eh.. They should be ‘ere soon, shouldn’t they?” Hagrid told them. Scorpius immediately ran to Fleur.

“Where is Vic- victwahrr,” he was never able to pronounce her name right.

Though Fleur smiled warmly at him, “She is asleep,”

His face dropped slightly, though I could tell he was still combusting with energy. Fleur took his hand and led him inside, I sighed and followed them. Anxious for the arrival of everyone else.


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