Sometimes the Bad Guy is Your Soulmate (A Draco Malfoy Love Story 3)

'Longbottom, if brains were gold you'd be poorer than Weasley, and that's saying something.'-Draco Malfoy

Chapter 1

You're welcome.

After eating breakfast,I went to the entrance hall and sat down on a bench with Harry,Ron,and Hermione.It was 20 minutes before the train to Hogsmeade took off,I said,"I think I just got stood up.I'm so stupid." "You're not stupid,Chloe.He's the one who's stupid." said Harry.I smiled and let all my anger flow away.

When we boarded on the train,we slid into an empty compartment.Just as I was about to sit down,Draco came in sweating and panting.I crossed my arms and looked out the window."Chloe,I'm so sorry.This day is important to me,I swe-",he said."Draco,if our day was important to you than anything else in the world,you would've been in this compartment with me 20 minutes ago." I said,coldly.I went back to looking out the window.I wasn't sure about it but he walked out the compartment.

At Hogsmeade,we passed by a jewelry shop.A necklace caught my eye.

I stopped and stared at it.I looked at the price.20 galleons? I'll never be able to afford that.I just kept staring at it until Ron shouted,"Chloe come on!" I looked forward and kept on walking.

We walked into The Three Broomsticks and ordered four butterbeers.The bell chimed on the door and three Slytherins came in.Slytherins that happened to be Draco,Crabbe, and Goyle.I took notice of a blue box sticking out of Draco's pocket.I quickly looked at his face which was kind of sad.His hair was a mess and his eyes-.Wait what? No,I am not falling for Draco.He sat down in the table in front of us with him facing me.I looked away and drank my butterbeer.We finished and decided to go to the Shrieking Shack.

At the Shrieking Shack,it was dark and I had to hold on to Ron.For a second I let go of Ron and I tripped on an uneven floorboard.I fell into steady,warm arms.It pulled me back up.I saw a pair of gray eyes that sent a chill down my spine.Draco."Thanks." I said.He nodded and walked around me.His hand brushed against mine.I gulped and tried to find the others.

On the way back to Hogwarts,I thought about that moment.Could I be falling for him? I shook my head and looked at the others who were asleep.I decided to sleep too.

At Hogwarts,I decided to finish my nap.While walking to the Gryffindor Tower,I bumped into Draco.I said hi and he nodded once again before walked around me.I said the password and climbed into the portrait hole.I changed into my pajamas and went to sleep.

The next day,I awoke to an owl pecking at the window with a blue box in its feet which seemed very familiar to the one in Draco's pocket in Hogmeade.I opened the window and gave the owl some owl treats before it flew away.It hooted happily and flew off.I opened the box and there was the necklace that I had saw at Hogsmeade.There was a note that said:You're welcome. I smiled and looked at the pearl.It had my initials,C.W.,on it.I put it on and changed into:

I walked down to the entrance hall where the Goblet of Fire stood.The lights were dimmed and the room was blue from the fire.I found Hermione sitting down on the bleachers reading a large book.I walked over to her and said,"Hey,cut it out on the reading.Classes start on Friday.Today's only Sunday." "Hey,I gotta read if I want to be the top in class." she said,smiling her playful smile.I laughed and sat down.
Draco's POV
I looked around the entrance hall to find Chloe.I saw her with mudbl-Hermione laughing.I saw around her neck was the stone necklace from Hogsmeade that I bought her after I saw her looking at it.I sighed.I won't stand a chance with her.She's a Gryffindor,I'm a Slytherin.What are the odds of that happening? I got interrupted by Pansy skipping over."Hi Draky,why are you staring at that Gryffindor girl?" "Huh? Oh nothing.Just staring at random places." I said.Pansy then smiled and hugged me.Sometimes I wished those arms belonged to Chloe.
Chloe's POV
Cedric Diggory put his name into the Goblet of Fire while Fred and George came in with their aging potions.We crowded around the age line after they took their potions.I stood next to Draco.I felt somewhat happy so I flashed a smile at him when we both looked at each other.Fred and George jumped into the age line.Nothing happened and Fred and George yelled,"Yeaaaa!" They put their names in the goblet.Then,like a giant hand pushing us,the crowd separated and Fred and George got thrown back.They sat up with Dumbledore-like beards on their faces.They started wrestling while everybody went quiet when Viktor Krum came in.I quickly sat down next Hermione.After putting his name in,he took a quick glance at me and Hermione.I stayed emotionless while Hermione smirked.
Draco's POV
While Fred and George fought,Viktor came in and put his name in the goblet.He glanced at Chloe and Hermione.Hermione smirked while Chloe had a straight face.I felt a pang of jealousy.I took my chance to catch her off guard with a question.I walked up to her and asked,"Chloe,can I talk to you?" She looked confused and said,"Okay." I led her to the farthest corner of the entrance hall,away from other people."About the necklace-",I began."You sent this to me?" she asked.I nodded,shyly.She smiled and hugged me.My arms were limp by my side,but something forced me to put my arms around her.Am I weird to say this is my life goal? She pulled away and her necklace was glowing purple.Darn it!!
Chloe's POV
I took a deep breath of his cologne before pulling away to see my necklace glowing purple.I gave him a questioning look."When it glows purple,it's means the other person has feelings for the person whose necklace is glowing.When both necklaces are glowing gold,the people both love each other.When it glows blue,it means the other person wearing the other necklace misses the person wearing the glowing necklace.When it's glowing red,the other person hates the person whose necklace is glowing." he said."Other necklace?" I asked.He reached under his shirt and pulled a stone necklace identical to mine except it had his initials,D.M.,on it.I smiled.His necklace started glowing purple.I blushed.His face had a huge smile on it.He suddenly leaned in and our lips touched.We were in that position no more than 10 seconds when Pansy screamed,"Draco! You're cheating on me!" We quickly pulled away before everybody could look at us.Pansy ran away with tears.Draco gave me a look.I nodded and with that he went after Pansy.Ron pulled me away.He pulled me to the portrait of the Fat Lady who was surprisingly still sleeping."Are you dating Malfoy?" he asked."Why are you asking me that question?" I said."Don't change the subject! Are you or are you not dating Malfoy?" he asked."Let go of me and I'll tell you!" I said.His hand was gripping my arm tightly.He ignored me."I am not dating Malfoy!" I said."Yet." said Draco.He was suddenly behind Ron."Let go of her Weasley,you'll hurt her." said Draco.



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