love and hate part five (by lily! dark night love story gone horribly wrong!)

things are about to get very interesting and hard for anna

Chapter 1

chapter 5

Meanwhile, in Anna’s room she was having a nice hot shower and soft music was playing in the distance. She was humming a song, but not the song playing. A memory flashed past her eyes.

Anna was in a large room with all the furniture was pushed to the side. Soft tinkling music played in the background. She was wearing a white leotard with a silky, white, see through skirt and she danced across the floor, pirouetting and twirling. In the far corner stood the Joker, watching her as she danced and hummed a song he wrote.
She fluttered over to him, letting her hair down around her face. Her hair bounced lightly around her as she smiled and laughed. She held out her hand and the Joker placed his own hand in hers. As soon as his flesh touched hers, the music changed to a slower-paced song. He put his hand on her waist and held her with the other hand. She looked up at his eyes as she placed her hand on his shoulder.
They began to dance and Anna rested her head on his chest as they slowly revolved around on the spot. Joker then started humming the song again and Anna loved it, every note.

She turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around her; she folded it at the top a little so she didn’t have to hold it. She walked out of the bathroom and a soft, sweet smelling breeze blew in. She looked at the large window and saw batman standing with the moonlight shining on his back. She walked towards him, wondering if this was a dream.
“You wanted to see me?” he asked in his gruff voice. She smiled slyly and nodded. She walked right up to him until her chest touched his.
“I wanted to thank you... in my own way. Doesn’t batman kiss the damsel in distress?” she asked teasingly running her hand on his chest following the lines of the bat on his chest. He slowly exhaled and Anna loved it.
“Well now he does.” He slowly bent down and kissed her lips softly. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she wrapped hers around his neck. They began to kiss more passionately and more hurried. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. The kisses grew more wild as he carried her to the bed and took off the mask. She gasped; she had just seen what millions wanted to know.
His brown hair was wet and shaggy from the mask but he still looked handsome. “You look even better with the mask off.” He smiled and kissed her some more.
The next morning Anna woke up naked in bed by herself. She looked around but batman was gone. She found a note on the pillow next to her.
Dear Anna,
I'm sorry I couldn’t stay but Alfred might freak out. If I got a thank you like that every time I save you, I would save you every minute. Don’t think I don’t have feelings about you; Alfred isn’t the only one who watches ballet. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I love you.
Lots of love, Batman
A tear ran down Anna’s cheek as she read this, she picks up a pen and scribbles something on the back. There was a soft knocking at the door and Anna jumped up and grabbed a nightgown and yanked it on.
“Come in!” she shouted. Alfred walked in with a big bouquet of ruby red roses. “Good morning Ma’am. Master Bru...Erm Batman asked me to give you these.” Anna inhaled the scent and sighed.
“Thank you Alfred! Could you please tell Batman that he doesn’t need to ‘save me’? He will understand what I mean.” She still held onto the note he had left her. Alfred noticed the note and nodded his head. She took the flowers and put them on the bedside table as Alfred left the room. She sat down on her bed.
Now she is in a huge dilemma, she loves two men who love her back. The time to choose was coming near and Anna knew it, she just couldn’t decide. The Joker has loved her for two years and shown her his soft side, and shown her he will change for her. And Batman was already the perfect man, never hurt an innocent and she felt as though she could trust him.
She walked over to the chest of draws and pulled out a light blue dress that hugged the chest. She slowly put it on and found a silver pair of high heels. She stood in front of a full sized mirror and slowly revolved on the spot. In the mirror she saw the Joker standing at the window watching her though the mirror. She spun around and smiled, it really was him. She ran up to him and threw herself into his arms and began to sob.
Why is everything so complicated? Why? Anna thought to herself as he wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. “Anna, I’ve missed you.” The Joker said hoarsely. He kissed her forehead and she stepped back.
“I want to leave but if I do, he will come looking for me and this time, he will kill you!” Another tear slipped down her cheek but this time Joker caught it before it reached her chin. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a coin with two heads but one head was badly singed. Anna gasped. “You turn a man into a monster and then you steal the thing that means the most to him?”
Joker rolled his eyes. “Anna, if I leave this coin here, Batman will think two-face has got you. And when the big black bat goes to visit two-face, he will figure it all out but by then we are far away where no one can find us.” Anna bit her lower lip and looked around. She pulled the chest of draws until it fell over spilling the contents all over the floor giving the struggle look.
She turned back to the Joker who smiled and chucked the coin on the floor. She dropped the note on the floor. He held out his hand and Anna took it. He pulled her to the window and hooked himself up to a long wire he used to carry himself up. He grabbed a hold of Anna who gripped him tightly and jumped out of the window.
They landed safely on the ground and while Joker was undoing his belt, Anna looked around. There was a security camera but it was completely destroyed by what looked like a gun at close range. The Joker grabbed her hand and they ran out of the gates, Anna dropped the note for Batman behind her.


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