love and hate part six (by lily! dark night love story gone horribly wrong!)

love and hate part six (by lily! dark night love story gone horribly wrong!)

Chapter 1

chapter 6

Later that day Alfred walked up to Anna’s room to announce lunch. He knocked on the door for five minutes without any reply. He opened the door and gasped, the room was trashed and the window was wide open. He ran down the corridor and knocked on Bruce’s door with urgency. Bruce called out “Come in” from his pillow. He was still asleep when Alfred threw open the doors.
“She’s gone! Miss Kyles is gone!” Alfred said hoarsely. Bruce jumped up wide eyed and jaw dropped. He was only wearing a pair of grey tracksuit pants but he didn’t care. He ran down the corridor and pushed the doors to Anna’s room open with a large bang. Alfred walked down to the batcave and began looking through the security tapes. Bruce searched the room and found the coin and the note.
Dearest Batman,
I love you to! While you watched me dance on TV, I read about you and I watched you, wishing I could be the person you rescued. It looks like wishes do come true!
Your loving damsel, Anna
“Harvey!” he yelled as he ran down to the batcave for his suit. He stormed past Alfred and he slammed his hand on a button and the ground opened up and his suit and car rose up waiting for him. He pulled on the suit and then Alfred shouted with glee.
“I know who took her!” Batman rolled his eyes at Alfred.
“Yeah two-face!” Batman called out as he clicked his belt together. Alfred shook his head and pushed play.
The Joker’s face was on every screen in the cave. Batman froze and turned around to watch the Joker laugh and shoot the camera. Batman realised what the Joker was trying to do. “He dropped the coin in the room knowing I would go after two-face without looking at the cameras.” He slammed his fist on the table and Alfred jumped up.
“Sir, Miss Kyles might need your help!” Batman nodded his head and jumped into the Batmobile.
Anna sat down on the Joker’s purple bed smiling at the Joker. “Joker, do you remember the first time we meet? You kidnapped me and asked me about your scars?” the Joker smirked and sat down on the bed behind Anna and began massaging her shoulders.
“How can I forget? You actually wanted to know about what happened! Then I told you and then you hugged me and said ‘that was terrible!’” he whispered in her ear has his hands slowly moved to her back.
“I could see past the scars and make up and I feel in love with the real you. Good and bad. Mainly bad.” He moved her hair to one side and started nibbling at her neck. She groaned and turned around and kissed the Joker passionately. They fell down with Anna on top and their kisses grew wilder with every second. He pulled away and panting he said “Weren’t we in the middle of something before the Bat came in?” he bent over the bed and pulled up a long rope and grinned madly.

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