The Mystery

a romance horror story enjoy

Chapter 1

Alex's Side

Who did it I said Who did it Who killed Mary WHO!. We looked at our headmaster I was confused who would kill mary she is the nicest person at school I turned my head away from our headmaster Mr. Elliot to look at the crowd there was something strange was happening but i just couldn't put my finger on it i looked at Mr. Elliot once again Alex he said tell us what happened that day she died well umm there was this girl following her the whole day she had blue eyes blonde hair and wore black i said hoping i wouldn't have to say another word mmmmmmm intresting he said can you see her in this crowd,now i got pretty scared to stand up but i did i got up on my chair a cold breeze on my face i looked and then i saw her but really scared to tell.SO DO YOU SEE HER,sorry Mr. elliot......

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