Mine Forever A Justin Bieber Love Story part 9

:) i love this chapter!

Chapter 1

A Soft Kiss That Lasts Forever! <3

by: AmyRyan

“Being in Justin’s arms was like a feeling i could never describe. My knees went
completely weak, they felt like jello. I wanted to burst out crying but i know i
couldn’t do that especially with tons of people crowding around us. He hugged
me and squeezed me tighter and tighter. I opened my eyes up to see Kenny
standing behind us just smiling, boy did i miss him too;that big ol fella! I saw
flashes going off, people screaming his name it was getting a little crazy. Justin
stood there, he didn’t even move he just hugged me. He pulled out of our hug
held my wrist and just smiled at me. Things were getting crazy, people crowded
around him pushing me out the way to go after Justin. He looked a little nervous
but was flattered about how many people came up to him. Security came and
escorted everyone out of where Justin was. Kenny, Justin and I walked in a
hurry back to the car. I remembered the little girl in the purple shirt and how cute
she was, i stopped walking and looked around for her.”

Justin:What are you doing babe?

Amanda:Wait looks around there was a little girl about fi

“All of a sudden i turn around to see a girl tugging on the back of my shirt. It was
the little girl in the purple shirt standing next to her mother. Her cheeks were
bright red, she said nothing she only pointed up looking at Justin. He smiled and
picked her up off the floor and held her in his arms.”

Justin: holding girl and what’s your name?

Mother:Her name is Hannah, she’s a little shy but as you can see she’s your
biggest fan! laughs

Justin:She’s as cute as can be! I like your shirt tugs on little girls shirt

“Right after Justin did that she wrapped her arms around his neck and just
hugged him. I can tell that made her day. I took pictures of Hannah & Justin
then left the airport to get back to the hotel. Justin held my hand the whole car
ride to the hotel, i got butterflies when i looked over at him. His long hair flew all
over the place as the sunroof was rolled down, and his perfect face structure…
he was perfect. We finally pulled up to yet another 5-star hotel.”

Kenny:hey um, Justin has 4 interviews today and a photo shoot then he’s going
over to Island Deff Jam to talk about the album. Would you like to come or take
a nap in the hotel because you guys are going out to a music dinner.

Amanda:I’ll take a nap, i’m beat!

Kenny:Alright, Pattie is waiting at the front desk for you so just walk in and
you’ll see her.

Amanda:alright, thanks!

“I looked over at Justin, then looked at Kenny as he put his cell phone up to his
ear. I quickly went over to Justin and kissed his lips. He wasn’t ready for it, but i
did it quickly so Kenny wouldn’t see. I took my lips of his and opened my eyes
and Justin eyes were still shut. I laughed then walked out the car. I met up with
Pattie at the desk, she brought my bags and she rolled my suitcase upstairs to
our room. Pattie brought me to my room, there was one bed and a bathroom
with a HUGE balcony in it.Justin’s room was right next to mine which made me
happy, but we weren’t allowed to be in the same room when we went to sleep
“according to Pattie”.

Pattie:Were going to this fancy music dinner tonight with LA reid and other
people, do you think you’re gonna have enough energy to come? smiles

Amanda:Of course, i just need to take a little nap!

Pattie:Alright girly, i’ll wake you up soon so you can get ready for the dinner.
You brought nice clothes right?

Amanda:Yes ma’am smiles

“I went back into my room and laid in the comfortable white sheets. I couldn’t
wait for Justin to get back since we really didn’t get to hangout with each other.
Before i knew it i was dead asleep. A couple of hours later i felt someone rub
my back and kiss me behind my ear. Chills went down my arms and i woke up.
Justin was sitting right by me smiling.”

Justin:Did i scare you?

Amanda:Um…just a little!

Justin:laughs sorry babe

Amanda:It’s fine smiles

Justin:We gotta get ready for this di

“I pulled Justin by his neck and his lips onto mine, we layed there kissing for
about 4 minutes untill Pattie knocked on the door telling us to hurry. Justin and I
got ready together, i wore my strapless purple dress with silver sandals and of
course jewelry. I stood in front of the mirror doing my make-up, Justin came up
behind me and took my juicy couture neckless off of my neck and replaced it
with his small cross neckless. The chain was cold and sent chills down my
spine. I turned around as Justin gave me a long soft kiss. His lips fit perfectly on
mine, i felt the figure and the passion of the kiss;we were just there kissing
slowly like if we didnt want it to end…to last a lifetime.”


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