Tough Love - Hogwarts Love Story 5

Tough Love - Hogwarts Love Story 5

hey guys...ok i decided to write this as a story, cuz it's easier to write as it is to read it:)
please comment and let me what did ya think, u know that means a lot to me:)

Chapter 1

It was a dream

"SLYTHERIN!!" the hat yelled and I came down from the chair. I ran to the Slytherin table right into a tight hug from a pale brown-haired boy. He smiled at me and kissed me lightly, pulling me down to sit next to him. The feast began and everybody was grabbing as much food they could, like they were afraid it could disappear every second.
I heard a hiss behind me, and I turned to see where it was coming from. A little black cat was walking slowly towards me, staring at me with it's big green eyes. It oppened it's mouth and started making sounds that sounded like a whisper.
The sound became louder and I could now understand what it was saying "Tom..." cat's voice became louder as it walked closer to me. The boy I kissed came to the cat and picked it up."Hey,you! It's so good that we're in the same house, isn't it?" he was talking to the cat, like it's a person. The cat suddenly looked at me "Joan...Joan..."

"Joan...Joan...wake up!" Hermione was shaking me, making me fall of the bed "Ouch!" I moaned "Oh, Joan, I'm sorry,I didn't mean to...but you need to hurry,the breakfast is in ten minutes!" She was already in her school uniform. I jumped - it was the first day and I'm already late. Typically for me."Thanks Hermione...but next time, try to keep me in the bed, okay?" I said with a smile. She smiled back and help me get dressed.
The great hall was full when we came down, and we had only five minutes before our first class. I sat down next to Neville and Lavander, who were talking about Trevor, Neville's frog. Hermione started putting food in her mouth and gestured me to do the same.
My mouth was full of bread when Percy said "Where's the rush? Classes won't start next twenty minutes." so it was expected of me to choke from it. Hermione just muttered "Sorry..." as I gave her a glare, but laughed. At least, we wont be late.
After a couple of minutes, I took my books as I got up to go to the classroom. "What's your first class today?" Percy asked while eating a piece of pie. "Um...History of Magic?" Hermione said looking at our class schedule. He chuckled "You better hurry, it's in the other part of the castle. You can go trough..." but I couldn't hear the end of his sentence because Hermione grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the Great Hall, nearly running.
"Slow down, Her...Ouch! Sorry..." I smiled as I realized I ran into Draco again. He smiled back as he saw it was me "Hey!...Joan, right?" "Yes, and you two can talk later!" Hermione answered back pulling me behind her. Wow, she's strong!
I mouthed Sorry to Draco as he looked at us confused, but waved to me. Why do I have to go somewhere every time we run into each other?

It took us five more minutes to find the classroom, mostly because Peeves " helped " us. We took a seat in the first row, the only one that was still empty, right infront of the teachers desk. Strangely, we weren't last ones to arrive. Harry and Ron sat down next to us, breathless with sweat drops on their forehead. I chuckled "Are you okay?" I asked playfully. Ron gave me a glare but Harry said "Stairs...third floor...Filch..." gasping, and I nodded as I understood what he was saying.

I never thought I could be this bored. Our history teacher was Prof Been, a ghost who was probably alive even before Hogwarts was built. I think Ron fell a sleep during the class, I could hear someone snoring. I would have too, if Hermione wasn't telling me about amazing things that happened in 1472. I think I will let Harry sit here next time...
At least, not listening to prof. Been's tutoring gave me time to think about that dream I had. I have no idea who was that boy I dreamed about. And why Slytherin? Was it because I'm starting to like Draco? Am I?
I could still see that cat's eyes when I closed mine. They were like two shining glass stones...
"Joan! The class is over, let's go." Hermione informed me bringing me back to reality, and I followed her, Harry and Ron out of the classroom.


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