The Melancholy Girl's rose

ummm i found a writing prompt from....... i dont even know what grade but i got a B+ on it and i think it deserved an A but anyways i figured i'd post it since theirs stories now

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Debate

It was debate class and of course there was a debate going on. The teacher began telling the story for the debate.
"There once was a young girl in 1980. Her mom was sick with an unknown cancer and was dying. The girl went far and wide to find and bring beauty to her mom to cheer her up. One day she was walking along a bridge and saw a beautiful garden of roses. She grabbed a rose and took it home. She would come back everyday to grab a rose and the owner of the house was wicked and did not like this. She hired someone to follow the girl back home and kill her. While the girl was taking the rose to her house she began to cross a bridge. the killer met her on the bridge and stabbed her in the stomach. She dropped the rose and began screaming when she was again stabbed in the heart. Now they say if you touch the rose she will find you and kill you too.......
From one side of the classroom came a loud.
"NO, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS THAT STORY""Its all fake and you guys are stupid for believing it,"
The debate began.

On one said of the classroom was a girl named Terra (Theresa), on the other side her best friend Manni (Manuela). They went back and forth with an argument. Manni was trying to prove the story to be true while Terra was against it. She thought there was no such thing as ghost's or curse and she was going to be sure.

The teacher Mr. Dowenger looked at his watch before saying, "Alright girls we'll follow up on it. Great debate though, Everybody except Terra and Manni will be writing an essay on whether or not the story is true or false." The bell rang before he said, "Class is dismissed"


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