Fullmetal Alchemist: Alchemy Rebirth

One sunny day, Ed and Al are praticing their Alchemy skills. They had killed every Homunculus, and they decided to practice some more Alchemy.

Chapter 1

An Aftermath of Avarice

by: Animefan2
Ed and Al are trying to perfect an Alchemy type. They're trying to turn flames into solid ice. They just turned fire into a dank, grey, solid substance. "What is it, Brother?" Al asked nervously. "I'll tell you what's going on, Alphonse." A mysterious voice said. "What IS this? What's happening to the metal?" Ed asked angrily. The metal turned the color of skin and a figure rose. It was Greed! Greed's hair had turned a deep crimson. He now wore the same outfit he was wearing when he fused with Ling. "Surprised to see me? A homunculus cannot die. You really were dumb enough to think I was gone? Well, if you thought I was gone, the others have returned as well. In fact, I think Lust is going to Amestris to thank her killer, Roy Mustang."

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