Tough Love (Hogwarts Love Story) Part 6

Tough Love (Hogwarts Love Story) Part 6

hey guys! this is the 6th, please comment and tell me ur thoughts^_^
p.s. I will put up the 7th part probably tomorrow, and it's gonna be longer than this one...
;) that's all, luv ya ^.^!

Chapter 1

A note from Severus

It was Friday morning and the Great Hall was echoing of the students' murmurs and talks. The first week was very tiring, but that didn't stop professors from giving us tons of homework, or taking points from our houses when we were late. I think Gryffindor wont be winning the House Cup this year. Though Hermione did get a lot of points in McGonaggali's class... I sighed, I was glad tomorrow was Saturday and I can sleep in.
"Oh! Look who isn't late this morning!" Seamus teased Ron and Harry as they sat down across from Hermione and me. He was right - they got lost every morning this week and Filch appeared where ever they went. I would have got lost a lot too if Fred and George haven't showed me those passes. Speaking of them - where are they? They aren't here, and I didn't see them since last night....
"What have we got today?" asked Harry bringing me back from my thoughts. "Double Potions with the Slytherins." said Ron. "Snape's Head of Slytherin House..." What?! He didn't tell me that! "...They say he always favors them - we'll be able to see if it's true." Ron finished. "I don't think he does" I said to him "He's nice." Ron looked at me like I was nuts. "I wish McGonagall favored us" said Harry but didn't get to finish because the mail arrived. I haven't got anything so far, but then again - who would write to me?
"Can I borrow your quill?" Harry asked me and i noticed a wrinkled note in his hand. "Sure" I said with my head in my bag. " Great! I forgot the Magical Drafts and Potions!" I squealed while tossing Harry my quill."Guys, I'll meet you in the dungeons. Save me a seat, will ya?" I grabbed my bag and run out of the Great Hall.
"Hey! Wait!" I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. I turned to see a very tall black-haired guy in a Slytherin robe. "Yes?" I asked cause it seamed like he wasn't going to speak, he just stood there. "Um...right...Snape told me to give you this." the boy putted something in my hand and quickly walked away. I rolled my eyes and looked at the note - it had Severus' signature. Well, it was about time I thought to my self and opened it.

come to my office this afternoon, we should talk.
And, please, behave in my class today, I know how easily you get bored listening to me.

I frowned - he called me Cat only when he was worried about me. He gave me that nickname when I was just a baby - he said it reminded him of my mother. But, what was he worrying about now?
I walked in the Common Room and saw Fred and George bickering over something. "Hey, guys! Shouldn't you be heading to the classes?" I asked and ran to my room to find the book. "We're skipping!" Fred yelled from downstairs "Already?" I asked when I came down. They smiled at me "We have Double History class today." "Oh, you poor things!" I teased "I gotta hurry, see ya guys tonight!" I said over my shoulder as I ran to the dungeons and I heard them yell back "See ya!"
It took me ten minutes to find the dungeon, and I sat next to Hermione, gasping for air. "What took you so long? You're lucky professor Snape didn't come yet, I heard he's really strict." I opened my mouth to say something but I heard Severus's cold monotonous voice behind me "Silence, class!". He sat behind his desk, opened a piece of parchment and started the roll call.
"Harry Potter" Severus said with bitter in his voice, "Ah, yes. Our new - celebrity." I could hear couple of Slytherins sniggering and I looked at Harry. He was frighten and hurt, but didn't answer back. Why was Severus acting like this? Harry had enough problems with other students whispering and slandering about him, he didn't need a professor doing the same. But, Severus continued.


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