Loving all the wrong girls

Leo Valdez Love story!!! Woot!
Camilla Bond
mother: Iris, goddess of rainbows!
father: James Bond [ironically named after the spy]
age: 14
looks: wavy brown hair, blue-grey eyes, freckles, short
mist weapon: pencil box with every colour of the rainbow
actual weapon: box of daggers and darts, both poisonous and not.
My fav version of Iris; http://miagola.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3005sj

Chapter 1

Leo Piper and Jason

I had known Leo Valdez for a while. After i got into his school for- reasons i'd rather not talk about. He and his friends were the only ones that talked to me, Leo more than the others. After i realized that they were half-bloods too, i wondered who their parents were. I sat in the cafeteria that day, thinking about it when hands went over my eyes. "Guess who?" I smiled. "Uh, Bobby Germ?" "Nope." "Candy Quian?" "Not even close. You are horrible at guessing." "Leo! Get your hands of my face." I pulled his hands off me and he sat down beside me.
"So whats up?" "Nothing." "Cam, i know that face. Its your thinking face." "Well," He didnt even know he was a half-blood yet, so i couldnt tell him. Then i looked down at my food. "I was trying to figure out if this was a brownie or mushed up rotten vegetables." He poked his. "I think its supposed to be meat. Or maybe potatoes?" I smiled. "I didnt know potatoes were brown." He shrugged. "Knowing this school, it might as well be." I laughed as Jason and Piper came over.
"Hey guys. Whats so funny?" "The schools choice of poison today." "What? The brick?" I nodded. "I thought it was just that, a brick. Its hard enough to be." We all laughed. I smiled, thinking again. This will all be gone when they figure out what they are. "Cam?" "Hm." I looked over at Leo. "Stop thinking. Its breakfast, when we try to figure out what we're eating." I nodded, watching him fool around with his food.
I knew everything about him, and he knew everything about me. Well, besides the half-blood thing. We told everything to each other, right from the start. The bell rang and we dumped our food, making our way to class. "Ok, cupcakes! Everyone on the bus!" We all scrambled out of there, we sat in the back, Jason with Piper and i with Leo.
After a while, Jason fell asleep. I turned back to Piper. "Took you long enough." "What?" "To get him to- you know." "Oh, i know. He's a bit clueless, but hes still so....." I held up my hand. "Save the cutesy stuff for later." I turned back to the front and talked with Leo for a while. Then we finally reached the dam and Leo turned and poked Jason. "Dude, wake up." He groaned and looked at us, clueless. "Who-who are you?" "Dont be silly. Come on, we have to get off the bus."
We dragged him off the bus and to the dam. "Ok, split up into groups and explore. He kept an eye on us, knowing that we would need it. "That guy is so creepy." I turned to Piper. "Eh, hes not that bad?" She shook her head. "I need to go to the bathroom. Be right back." We all nodded and i leaned over the railing, watching the water. Leo leaned on it beside me. "This is boring." "Yeah." I smiled, seeing a glimpse of my mother in the mist.
I turned back to the guys. I was about to say something, but then i saw a storm cloud above us. I narrowed my eyes, i could see things forming in the clouds. My eyes went wide as i whispered. "Venti." "What?" "Uhm, lets go inside." "Uh, ok." "Great." I pushed them to the door and looked back. "I...... need to tell the teacher something. You guys go on without me." I took out my box of pencil crayons and ran to the satyr. "Mr. Hedge. Do you see that?" He was looking at the cloud..
"Yeah. Get everyone inside. Now." I nodded and went to everyone saying that there was a storm coming and to get inside. Then Piper, Leo and Jason came outside. "Whats happening?" "Uhm, storm. Guys, get inside." I pushed them to the door, but it was too late, they came.
We started battling, Jason threw a coin and it turned into a sword. At first i was shocked, staring at him fighting, as if he had done it before, but then i realized that we were still being attacked and went back to fighting. [Ok, im still not good at fight scenes so imma just skip to after Hedge gets captured and Annabeeth comes]
We had to get on the pegasi but there were only three others, and four of us. "So, who shares?" "I can share with someone." I looked over at Leo. "I can go with you. I mean, if its fine with you." "Sure." We went over to a pegasus and he got on, i tried to get on, but i was to short and couldnt reach. "Need help?" I smiled. "Yeah." He pulled me up and we lifted of. "You know, thats just one of the many things that sucks about being short."
"Yeah, well, at least you got me." "Yeah." I held onto him and looked down. "Wow. You know, i dont know why, but this pegasus ride is much better than when i rode before." "You've rode a pegasus?" "Yeah. I guess now would be the time to tell you that im a half-blood." "Really?" "Yup. Daughter of Iris." "Isnt that the goddess of rain or unicorns or something?" "Rainbows! Why unicorns?" He shrugged. "I dont know...... It sure is pretty flying up here." I looked around again. "Yeah. It is."
We finally reached camp and we all jumped off the pegasi. "Well, if you guys dont mind, im going to see how my cabin is doing." I waved to them as i left. I got to the cabin and Ursa and Blake were lounging on the bed. "Hey guys." They looked up and smiled. "Cami! I thought you were in juvee school!" "Yeah, you get kicked out already?" I hugged them and smiled. "Yeah, totally. Hey, lets go to dinner. Im hungry." They nodded and we headed to our table.

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