Its all fake, isn't it????? Legolas love story

There are not enough Legolas love stories so here you go thoses who are fans

Chapter 1

Both Changed

by: Megglesss
I don’t get what the deal was, I know that they are heroes and all but Legolas was far too proud and self-absorbed for my liking, ever girl elf would fall for him a second, I mean he is gorgeous but he never caught my eye, It had been a while since I had seen him, he probably remembers me as the stubborn spoilt brat princess. Well while he was gone, I put on the dress and the crown and started to act like the princess that I was born to be, however I hated it, my father had passed away forcing me to step up as the princess, I cannot become Queen until I marry.
“Princess” I heard coming from the door, I turned to see my maid standing there with the most beautiful dress “They will be arriving soon”
“I don’t understand why we waste such a beautiful dress on a man with an ego so big it could crush us all”
“Miss, Lord Legolas has been through something none of us can understand, how do you know that he hasn’t changed because of the journey?”
“It would be a miracle if he did” I said sliding on the dress. I turned to looking the mirror
“Everyone will not be able to take their eyes off you” she said “Mi lan qui ref tii rire. You look beautiful” we heard horns blowing and elves cheering, as I slid on my crown I took a deep breath, I hope he has changed. I looked out through the window but could not see him behind everyone. I started my walk down the stairs and had expected to see him laughing and milking it up, but his eyes were fixed on the floor. Someone next to him looked up at me and said
“She looks beautiful” in slow like motion his head lifted and he saw me. As I walked down the stars out eyes locked and I felt something strange. Elves don’t have feelings exactly, we marry who we think is the best, we fight under orders, the only true feeling we were capable of was in face hate. And yet his eyes took my breath away. I saw him blink hard as if to try and convince himself that I was a dream and when he saw I wasn’t he inhaled deeply and didn’t let it out. As I reached the bottom of the stairs he got down on his knee and bowed his head, as did everyone else. When he stood up I spoke first.
“Welcome back Legolas. We have all heard about your triumph in middle earth and are very thankful for all you have done”
“It is good to be home Princess, I have missed it very much” he had never called me princess before, always Laylah.
“Well, I am sure that you are tired after everything, Go and rest up before the festival tonight” he nodded and bowed before leaving. When I got to the top of the stairs my maid was smiling at me
“Well look at that”
“My how he has changed” she smiled at me and I knew what she was thinking, I just rolled my eyes at her.

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