I'm Famous And In Love With Justin Bieber (part 18)(girls only) PART 2

I'm Famous And In Love With Justin Bieber (part 18)(girls only) PART 2

hey yaLL! 3 comments for part 3!

Chapter 1

Woopsy Daisy! i just let go the girl of my dreams!

~ Justins POV ~
i was making out with selena when she pushed me away. "justin stop! i like you and all but what about Sophie?" she asked. "i dumped her?" i told her simply. "why?" she asked. "she was cheating on my with 'carson' " i said. i said his name with such hatred i felt like throwing up. "i highly doubt that! i know sophie. i know she loves you so much. i see the way she smiles when she sees you and the way she watches you when you're on stage. she loves you so much. what did she do that made you think she was cheating on you?" she asked me. "well they hugged held hands, kissed cheeks, and she said she would always love him more than me. and something about africa." i answered. "you are so stupid." she said. "what?" i asked. now i was confused. "go find her and listen to her story. i can't believe you didnt figure this out yourself!" she said and walked away. so i went after her. i couldnt find her. my mom told me she went to milan early. ugh. is this her thing? running away? because she does it an awful lot. i looked around for aailyah. i finally found her. "Aaliyah!" i called to her. she rolled her eyes. "hey jerk." she said. "wow nice to see you too." i said. "whatever. i dont give a crap about you. Sophie left this for you." she said handing me an envolope. i opened it and out came the promise ring i had given her about 2 weeks ago. i read the lead, and felt like the worlds largest idiot!
Dear Justin,
i am so sorry. i swear i was not cheating on you. i know Carson and i looked very iffy. but i would never never cheat on you! i swear i love you. i know that you have to be angry but i am begging you to forgive me! i really want you in my life. and i am so sorry. i'll be gone when you read this. i'll be in milan with Carson and my mom. i'm really sorry about carson. i told him i would love him more than you because he is my brother. i'm sorry.
~~ Sophie

wow. i am an idiot. i ran to tell my mom. i tried Sophies phone about a billion times! i wanted to go and get on an airplane to go after her. and so i told my mom all that happened and she looked at me and said, "i am very dissappointed in you. you didnt even listen to her. you fly out their and get her back. ive seen a difference in you since you two started dating. you are happier and your music is better. i dont want you to go without her. go find her and win her back and dont come back until you do!" she said and winked. i drove to the airport and got a ticket. i had something in mind to win her back but i didnt know how stupid it was or if it was stupid enough to win her back. but i had to try..................................



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