the terrible thanksgiving

a play i wrote in school with my friend Danielle for a class project. we had to write a story about the subject we got. one of us picked out of a box and we got a thanksgiving gone wrong and boy did this thanksgiveing go wrong. after we wrote it we got to act it out. she played the grandma and i was the convict. oh and grandmas gangsta and the uncle is gay. anyways enjoy.

Chapter 1

the terrible thanksgiving

(shannon and tommy walk in with tommy's parents)

shannon: Grandma, uncle T! We're here!

tommy's mom carly: (whispers) this is a very pretty house.

(Grandma and uncle T walk in)

T: oh. Darling. Its about time you got here.

(t shakes everyones hands and winks at Tommy

grandma: sup yo dawgs? Look it, girl I be wearin cool-coloured threads cause i be cool. Y'all people are pimping!

(everybody else looks around awkwardly)

grandma: yo, gurl, come help me in the kitchen with that jumbo shrimp!

shannon: but grandma...!

grandma: No, no buts yo!

shannon: Bu

t: Shh! or there won't be any cookies!

shannon: but...

grandma: shush home dog! or no dinner will be served yo!

(shannon and grandma walk into the kitchen)

Shannon: (from kitchen) Grandma! the turkeys on fire!

grandma: yo, wha ya say?

(t, tommy, carly, and austin tommy's dad go into the living room)

t: so uh. Hottie. How you doing?

tommy: hey.

Shannon: uncle T! Leave my boyfriend alone!

T: (sigh) She ruins all my fun. oh well peace and love.

(shannon and grandma bring in punch. grandmas a "little" tipsy)

grandma: here, lil peeps! I brought yo some drinks (whispers) I added a lil kick. ooh. hey its gettin kind of hot in here yo.

(Grandma starts to stripp dance. convict comes in)

convict: grams! Do you have a damp, dark, cold basement where the cops can't find me?!

grandma: No dawg. you have to get in trouble to be in the clear. Theres a black mark above yo head. It ain't safe haveing you in this hood o mine. and...

Shannon: wheres uncle T and wheres Tommy?

grandma: Tawanda! Stop stealing your niece's boyfriends! It has got to be the fith time or something yo!

(Carly and Austin get up.)

carly: not again! I though gay intervention camp had changed him!

Austin: so much for that!

convict: crap! the cops!

(convict runs out of house.)

the end.


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