Mine Forever A Justin Bieber Love Story part 10 (READ INTRO)

:) Am thinking off making this story a chain story??!! what do u guyz think!

Chapter 1

LA Reids Hicky!

by: AmyRyan
The minute he took his lips off mine, my mind wanted to scream I love you to
him but my heart just wasn’t ready yet. Pattie walked in on me and Justin just
staring into each other’s eyes in complete silence, we both turned our heads
quickly as soon as she walked in.

Pattie: Wow, you guys clean up nice. Come out here so we can take some

Justin: Seriously?

Pattie: Yes seriously, I want to get some pictures of you too.

“Pattie took pictures of Justin and I standing in front of the huge glass mirror that
overlooked the city of Atlanta. After pictures we drove down to a restaurant
where there were mercedes,cadilacs,hummers so many nice cars parked
outside of it. I got kind of nervous knowing that these were all my idols sitting
inside that restaurant. Justin looked at me and he basically read my face, he
knew I was nervous. He grabbed my hands stopped walking and looked at me.”

Justin: Why are you so nervous?

Amanda: What…me? no.


Amanda:blushes what I’m not!

Justin: Amanda…

Amanda: Ok I am, how’d you know though?!

Justin:looks directly into her eyes well, when you like someone so much you
can kind of just tell.

Justin winked at me then wrapped his arm around me and walked into the fancy
restaurant. There stood Usher, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jay Sean, LA Reid, Jay-Z
and so many other artists. My mouth dropped as soon as I walked in but Justin
whispered in my ear “stay cool, just follow me.” He walked over to LA Reid and
they had their little conversation. He looked at me with the biggest smile on his
face, i didn’t know what to do so I just said hello. LA Reid laughed, looked over
at Justin then looked at me then back at Justin laughed and whispered “kids.”

Amanda:whispers in Justin’s ear Ew, why is he so mean?

Justin:laughs He’s not; he just knows there something up with us.

Amanda: Oh man.

Justin basically did all the talking that night to all these singers like it was no
big deal. We took so many pictures and I actually talked to some of my favorite
artist. It was like a huge famous get together party. Everyone finally got seated
at the huge dining room table longer then my own house filled with singers and
famous people in each seat. I sat across from Bruno Mars with LA Reid next to
him watching my every move.

Justin:whispers in her ear this is where it gets really boring; everyone talks
about all this old people shit.

Amanda: Gotcha.

We basically ate our food had conversation among ourselves while everyone
else got into adult stuff. The dinner went on for hours Justin and I were about to
sleep on the table if it didn’t end any sooner. I looked up at Justin and mouthed
when it’d be over; he shrugged his shoulders and pulled my chair closer to his. It
made a loud noise against the hardwood floor and everyone looked up at us. I
got bright red and Justin tried so hard not to laugh. They continued talking to
another has Justin kept tickling me and grabbing my waist and just messed
around. Out of nowhere he squeezed the top of my leg; I jumped up fast and hit
my leg against the table. Pattie looked over at me.

Pattie: What the heck are you guys doing?

Amanda: Nothing, I just…dropped my fork.

shakes head.*

We laughed out loud and kept messing with each other, just acting like kids.
Justin went over to me like he was going to whisper something in my ear but
instead he kissed the side of my neck. Goosebumps went all over my body
because of his soft kiss. He started giving me a hicky on my neck, I looked
everywhere to see if anyone noticed but they were all talking to each other not
even noticing until I looked across the table to see LA Reid with his mouth wide
open starring dead into my eyes. I tried getting Justin off me with a little nudge
but he wouldn’t stop sucking my neck. I clenched my fist together and punch
him right in the leg, that’s when he finally got off me. He looked around and saw
LA Reid starring at us. Justin started busting out laughing.

LA Reid: I knew there was something up with you to, and you would have the
courage to do that at the table. laughs and shakes head

Justin: Do what?

LA Reid:laughing Oh Mr. Bieber I was your age once, i know what you’re

Justin:turns red

LA Reid: You’re a crazy kid. And you young lady, don’t let Justin get the best of
you because he is VERY good at seducing the ladies.

Justin: YO, NO I’M NOT.

LA Reid:
laughs* i love you kid.

The dinner went on, Justin and I made no movement knowing the Reid was just
starring at us waiting for something to happen. I couldn’t help but to start

The dinner was over and we made it back to the hotel. I walked into the
bathroom and took a shower since my hair smelled like sea food from Pattie’s
dinner she ate. The minute I got out the shower I open the door soaking wet to
see Justin laying on my bed tweeting on his I-pad.

Justin:looks up at Amanda Damn..

Amanda: Um, out per*v I need to get dressed.

Justin: Ugh c’mon, you’re really going to make me move…I won’t look. winks

Amanda:opens up the door Bye Justin.

Justin: Fine, by the way…you look like a raccoon with all that makeup washed
all over your face.

Amanda: Omg, Justin shut up. smacks him in the face playfully

Justin: OH MAN, you’re so lucky the doors open and my mom’s in the kitchen. I
would have tackled you to the ground.

I laughed as i shut the door. I went through my suitcase to pull out my plain light
pink pajama pants and my white tank top. When i was done getting dressed i
walked back into Justin’s room as he was texting.

Amanda: Who yah texting?

Justin:laughs Ryan.

Amanda: What’s so funny?

Justin: Nothing nothing, he’s just cracking me up right now.

Amanda: Oh?

Justin: Hold on, I’m getting in the shower. You can stay here.

Amanda: Kay.

Justin walked into the bathroom; the minute the shower went on i grabbed his i-
phone. I know this was wrong but hey i wanted to see what was so funny. I read
through his and Ryan’s conversation.

Ryan: Bro, wussup? How’s the lady treating yah?

Justin: Great bro, she’s so hot.

Ryan: You never showed me a picture of her.

Justin: I will once i get out the shower

Ryan: K dude. Did you get any yet?

Justin: Any what?

Ryan: Any head bro?

Justin: Bro are you serious, she just came here I’m not going to make her suck
my dick.

Ryan: Damn, i remember you saying the minute you get with a fan you were
hitting it.

Justin: You just gotta get to know her man; I’m not screwing up with her.

Ryan: Wow.

Justin: Yeah dude. Going to get in the shower, it’ll text you that picture of her.

Ryan: Alright, Justin my dude…you better be hitting that soon.

Justin: Peace.

I gave his phone a dirty look, his friend was such a per
vert but i was glad Justin
wasn’t like that. He respected me which was something a boy would never do, i
knew he loved me and I planned to keep him for a while. When he got out the
shower we ordered ice cream from the hotel and ate it in his room while
watching old Harry Potter episodes on the hotel TV. Around 12:00 Pattie walked
in and told us to start getting ready for bed because it was getting late. I walked
back to my room laid down on my bed and laid in the darkness. 30 minutes
later Justin texted me saying, “Quick come back in my room. My mom’s
snoring.”I laughed, jumped out the bed and grabbed my polka dot blanket then
ran to Justin’s room. I walked in Justin’s room to see the balcony door open with
him sitting on the soft couch. I wrapped my blanket around me and sat on his

Justin: Is it sad that i missed you?

Amanda: What do you mean?

Justin: You weren’t in my room for like 30 minutes and i missed you already.

I smiled at what he said while looking out at the city. It was so pretty at night, it
was like another NYC. The lights were so bright and beautiful. While i was
sitting on Justin’s lap and turned me around so that i was facing him. We
started making-out, i took my hands and brushed his hair out of his face and
just kissed him more and more and more until i had to come up for air. Justin
stopped kissing me and i kind of got upset because i wasn’t ready to stop.

Justin: Wait a second…

Amanda: What?

Justin: I just remembered, you were going to tell me what happened that made
you so upset that one night.

Amanda: Oh uh gulps

Justin: Um.

Amanda: Okay, you can’t get mad this was all a part of the past.

Justin: I’m not going to get mad just tell me.

Amanda: Ok. Well last year i dated this kid named David for about a year. I
noticed during those past few months he stopped being himself, like he went to
parties, he smoked, he did drugs just disgusting things. I asked him myself if he
did any of those things but he denied all of it. So of course i believed him
because i trusted him. I went to his house that day and found locos, weed,
every drug and alcohol drink you could possibly imagine in his closet. We fought
the whole time at his house about it, he basically pushed me out his house and
shut the door.He left me walking home crying…he also broke up with me for
being mad about the drugs. So i walked home and no one was home, my
parent’s party A LOT so they’re never really home. I ran to my room crying and
crying…then tears fall down face around 2:00 my door flew open downstairs, i
walked down to see my boyfriend there all drunk. He walked up the steps calling
my name saying he was sorry and i told him to get out. He ran up to my room
shut my door and grabbed my wrist and threw me to the floor. crying um, he
basically rapped me…

I looked into Justin’s eyes; he looked shocked and completely scared. I started
crying so hard i was scared and didn’t know what he’d think until he pushed my
head into his chest, rubbed my back and just kissed me. He whispered to
me“you will never and i mean never have to relive that, you’re with me now and i
love you. I will never let anything happen to you, your my everything no one will
ever touch you like that. i love you so damn much Amanda. I love you i love
you.” The minute he told me he loved me my stomach flipped and turned my
mind went into shock i got dizzy and everything else that could ever happen. He
picked me up put me into his bed got in the covers with me and wrapped his
arms around me .The feeling i had to night was nothing i can describe


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