Love Lost In A Forbidden Valley (A Draco Malfoy Story) part 8

i wont be posting for a while because i have science project and my stupid teacher expects me to build a rocket in 5 days
so im going to have to take a break from the story for awhile. but dont worry because i promise you the next chapter will be amazing enough to make up for it
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ah and this is a bit short, but totally worth it
IMPORTANT: okay so i realized that i didnt send you guys part 7 , so you should really read that before this

Chapter 1

A ‘Family’ Talk

by: kinewnew
Draco POV

I stared at her, not knowing what to say. What was she doing her, why did they send her to my room? Why the hell did no one tell me anything anymore? Pansy got up, oblivious to the tension in the room, and pushed aggressively passed Adriana, who in return did nothing. After about a minute of just looking at each other I finally found my voice.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her.

She raised an eyebrow, “Like you don’t know?” ah the sweet sound of her voice was pulling me in. Then I cursed myself for my stupid move, and her catching me and Pansy together. Then I cursed myself again, for caring about what she thought.

“You came to apologize to me?” I smirked.

She let out a nasty laugh, “apologize to you? You should be the one apologizing to me, are fvcking kidding me.”

I flinched at her tone, “Malfoys don’t apologize,”

“Really, because the Malfoy I knew did,” she told me, a flicker of hurt in her eyes.

“I guess you didn’t know me as well as you thought you did, now tell me why you are here,” I demanded.

She sighed, “I’m in this house again,” she snarled the word house. “Because your precious Dark Lord received information from someone that I thought I could trust. He thinks the information is crucial, so he informed his followers to search for me,” her eyes dropped briefly to my chest then back up to my face. “Um maybe you should put a shirt on.”

“Err… right” I picked my shirt up from off the bed and threw it on, “He wants you?” I asked her confused.

“Well he doesn’t want me, he wants…” her voice cracked and her gaze dropped from mine. My eyes followed to where she was now looking at.

Adriana’s POV

“He wants you?” he asked me.

I sighed; not knowing why I was I even bothered having a conversation with him. “Well he doesn’t want me, he wants…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, so instead I looked towards Scorpius, hoping Draco would catch on. And sure enough he finally noticed that there was someone else in the room besides us two, when I looked back up, his eyes were budging out as he looked intently at Scorpius, who was glancing at me, and shrinking away from Draco’s glare. Draco brought his eyes back up to mine.

“Is this…” his words dragged on.

I nodded slowly, and then looked back at Scorpius.

“Mommy, who is this man? Why is he looking at me like that?” he whispered, though I’m pretty sure Draco heard him. I took his hand and led him to Draco’s bed. I took a deep breath through my nose… bad idea. Draco’s cologne taunted me, pulling me in immensely. Draco followed us and was about to sit next to me, but I shook my head profusely. So he walked on the other side near Scorpius, who was sitting on my lap. I looked intensely at Scorpius, cursing Draco. I wanted to blame him for everything that was happening to us. I wanted it to feel like it was his fault that I am here, that you-know-who wanted my son. I wanted to be hurt, just like I was feeling pain for the past five years.

“Scorpius, remember how a couple of days ago you asked me about your father, how you told me you wanted to see him,”

He nodded, and Draco’s eyes glistened for a brief moment.

I breathed in deeply, “Well this man, he is your father,” I said it as slowly as I could. I watched as Scorpius slowly took in everything that I just told him. He looked at me, his eyes flickering with excitement, and then he jumped off of my lap and into Draco’s and wrapped his arms tightly around his torso. Draco did nothing, and looked at me confused on what he should do. I did nothing to acknowledge that I was going to help him. He looked away from me and back down to his son and slowly wrapped his arms around, a small smile creeping up on his lips. Scorpius pulled away and was grinning madly.

“You bought mommy that necklace?” he asked him.

I mentally slapped myself in my head; I forgot that Scorpius you knew about the necklace.

“Necklace?” Draco said, confused at the moment. But I saw the realization spread across his face seconds later. “Yes, I did buy her the necklace,”

“Do you know why it glows,” he asked intensely.

Draco looked up at me, a wide smile etched on his face. I missed that smile, those piercing greyish blue eyes. I mentally slapped myself, I couldn’t think of
Draco like that anymore. He opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off.

“You can talk to him about that later,” I told Scorpius, who pouted at me.

“Why does he want him?” Draco asked me suddenly.

“It’s because he is an Occlumens and a Legilimens,”

“You’re an Occlumens?” he asked me. “I never knew that,”

I laughed slightly, “Guess you didn’t know me as well as you thought then,” I quoted his words from earlier.

“What is he going to do with him,” ignoring what I just said.

“Dunno, do I? But I’m guessing I’m going to find out when he gets here, and talks with me.”

“Is he going to want to talk to Scorpius?”

“I would guess so, he would probably want to know if Scorpius is actually your son,” I told him.

He smirked, “Well it would be bloody difficult to not notice, I mean he does look exactly like me.” he said looking down at Scorpius, and there was a hint of pride in his tone. But then his eyes returned to mine intensely, “well except for the eyes, those beautiful eyes,” his voice came out in a whisper.

I opened my mouth, but closed it quickly, not really knowing what to say.
Then there was a knock on the door. And the person just barged in.

It was that oaf Travers.

“The dark lord is here, and he is waiting your presence,” he told me darkly.
I stood, as well as Draco, who had Scorpius up in his arms.

“No Young Malfoy, he requested the girl and the child only. He said you will join him later,”

Draco nodded, and I went to grab Scorpius from him. My hand lightly brushed against his, and my first thought was to pull it away. But I left it lingering there; my hand got that same tingling sensation I had when I was sixteen. I took Scorpius in my arms, and looked down at him, and he was looking back up at me with a horrified expression. If only he knew how horrified things were getting ready to become. I followed Travers down the stairs and into the dungeon. He lifted up his sleeve and pressed his mark against the door, which opened immediately.

We were secluded in a dimly lit room; about a dozen of cloaked figures were sitting around a table.

At the table was a face I recognized so vaguely….


He looked up at the sound of us clattering on the floor.

I felt Scorpius stiffen in my arms as he took in Voldemort’s silhouette.

His voice came out in a snakelike slither, “ah, our guest has finally graced us with their presence,”


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