Konoha High School Love Story [edited version]

Konoha High School Love Story [edited version]

original version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajxha_sxGpA
Sakura and her two best friends Ino and Hinata take the spotlight in the story. Sakura spends most of her time crushing over a popular guy named Sasuke Uchiha who seems to not have taken notice of her until an incident where Sakura is saved by Sasuke from menace. Hinata has crushed on Sasuke's friend but is devastated when she realizes that he is falling for Sakura

Chapter 1

Sakura Blossoms

NOTE: First two chapters are not mine, but from the original KHS manga, though some things I edited from the story.You can find the first animated episode here ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajxha_sxGpAa
The second one here ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l0TfbeYgtU
also you can search youtube for the rest of the chapters :)

Konoha High School is a highly prestigious school which stood out from all the rest. Everyone would work very hard because the teachers were all strict and soon winter brake would start and everyone is planning what they're going to do. It seemed that everyone had forgotten about the final exams. Well, that's not what really worries me, the semester was almost over and I still can't get myself to talk to him. But what can I say to the cutest most popular guy in school? Sasuke Uchiha probably wouldn't have known that I existed if we weren't in the same class. He was so mysterious, didn't talk much, and rarely smiled. I wonder why he's so serious and quiet all the time, though that made him even cooler. A guy like me would never be interested in me. I wasn't popular all I had was.. a huge forehead.
"and that led to the time of troubles where the last Russian tsar..." our teacher Kakashi rambled on.
"Hey Karin," I heard Chiasa whisper to her. "Looks like the forehead is deleting herself again" She had seen me put my head down.
"Ha, she can keep on dreaming," Karin talked loud enough so everyone but our teacher could hear. "Sasuke doesn't have enough taste to look her way"
"Okay class, I think that is enough for today. This will be on Friday's exam so if you don't want to fail then study" Kakashi closed his book in a could be stylish manner.
"Ha, studying one day before should be enough," Naruto said loudly. He was Sasuke's friend who was the exact opposite of him. He had blond hair and deep blue eyes. "If I do it like that, I'll have everything under control for the exam"
"Under control" Kakashi sensei said to him, "means under zero as your grades are Naruto."
The whole class laughed and in front of me I could see one of Sasuke's fine-looking but rare heartbreaking smiles.
"Hey, stop laughing" Naruto said over the laughter. "Just you wait, someday I'll be the Hokage and I'll prove all of you wrong!"
We laughed even harder, Hokage was the title for our village leader. To obtain the title you would have to be the smartest and most sophisticated person is Konoha. It was a mystery why he was always talking about that title when he was the complete opposite of everything that leads for becoming Hokage.
* * *
"Finally some time to rest," Ino sounded relived.
"I know," I agreed with her. "Kakashi sensei's classes are so boring."
"You're right, but tell me Sakura, what's wrong?"
"Have you talked to Sasuke yet."
I didn't answer her.
"Sakura, if you don't hurry up break's gonna start and it'll be a long time before you see him again. I mean, there's only gonna be three more weeks left for the third semester and you might not even get him for the same class. This is terrible, just think about how a simple 'hello' can change your life."
"It's true," I said looking down, realizing how right she was.
"Ino, n-not so much," said Hinata trying to make me feel better.
"Your even worse Hinata," Ino contradicted her. "specially when it comes to Naruto."
"Ino," Hinata said nervously when a group of people passed near us. "He might be able to hear you."
"See what I mean Hinata."
Ino was really pretty and so sure of herself. It was no wonder she was going out with Sai, one of the coolest and funniest guys in school. He was also a friend of Sasuke's. Ino had dancing light blue eyes and had long blond hair though it was usually tied in a nice ponytail.
Like Ino, Hinata was also really pretty. She had light purple eyes and long, dark blue, hair. She was the opposite of Ino since Hinata would usually have a shy expression on her face. She had a crush on Naruto as long as I had on Sasuke. I still couldn't understand how she could like that annoying knucklehead.
* * *
"You should use this guys." Ino said putting on lipstick and looking at her reflection in the restroom mirrors.
"Ino," Hinata said to her. "That color, it's so cute on you."
"Yeah," Ino smiled. "It's a really soft pink so it brings out a more feminine touch."
"Trying to pretend your pretty. It's impossible for you Sakura." came the voice of Karin. She, Chiasa, and Mari had just entered the bathroom.
"Like you would know Karin," Ino said angrily.
"Of course I would know," she replied as she walked to the bathroom mirror and straightened her hair. "When it comes to popularity, your all last one the list."
"Really," Ino told her, "you seem like a ten year old who cares about popularity.
" Don't be jealous Ino," Karin looked at her making her voice muckier. "you know Sai is only going out with you because I turned him down" Ino made an attempt to push her but Hinata held her.
"Let go of me Hinata."
"No, we'll get in trouble."
"Hold it Ino,"" I said to her. "Hinata's right it's not worth it. Lets get out of here."
I walked in front of Karin towards the exit.
"Like I thought, you really are a coward," she said as I felt her eyes on me.
"Not quite Karin, I'm no coward. I don't want to lower myself to your level. Besides your actions say that your feel inferior to us anyways and don't worry I wont give up on Sasuke. I hope you understand that now."
"Why don't you shut up forehead." I felt Karin's hands on my back as she harshly pushed me forward.
"Sakura!" I heard Hinata cry.
"What an idiot," I heard Karin's friends laugh.
Then I felt two muscular arms catch me. I saw Ino and Hinata's dazzled faces and Karin, Chiasa, and Mari's furious ones. I looked up and saw Sasuke's black eyes looking at my green ones. I became aware that his arms had wrapped around my waist. He's expression was rather calm but I blushed and looked away.
How could he be passing at that exact moment. I had completely made a fool out of myself. How could he not think I'm an idiot now. I quickly got off his arms.
"I'm so sorry."
'This can't be!'
"Don't apologize," Sasuke said coolly as he walked away. "It was just an accident, just be careful next time."
"What an idiot," Chiasa starting laughing when Sasuke was no where in sight.
"She completely embarrassed herself with the hottest guy in school," Mari laughed with her.
"And she actually believes she has a chance with him," said Karin pleased with herself.
* * *
"D-don't feel bad Sakura, It was an accident."
"Hinata's right, look at the bright side, at least you talked to him."
I tried to reply to them but I couldn't find my voice.
" Don't forget," Ino told me cheerfully as we were departing ways." We're going to the mall tonight I'll call you then."
" O-okay bye bye," I finally managed to say.
* * *
"Sasuke-kun!" A small girl with brown hair and soft purple eyes came up to him. "I-made-this-for-you" She said rapidly and handed him a pink card as she struggled to catch her breath.
Sasuke looked at it for a split second before walking on.
"oh ah don't feel bad" Naruto struggled with words as she looked at the girl's heart broken face. "I-I'll be sure he gets it later."
As he tried grabbing the card, in a swift movement she put it back in her pocket. She ran back to her friends who gave him the same disgusted look as she had done so.They whispered hurriedly as they walked the opposite direction in which they came.
" Why do you always treat them like that," Naruto said catching up to Sasuke.
"As if they're worth my time." They had reached the school's roof. Sasuke sat down on his usual place where you could be able to see just about everything in Konoha. Naruto leaned on the roof's fence. In silence they stared at the sunset taking place.
"I know that," Naruto said quietly breaking the silence. "but you should give them a chance, they're not all what you think."
"Why are you interested all of a sudden," Sasuke said abruptly, trying to hide the smile on his face. "Are you crushing on the girl we just encountered?."
"Of course not," he said quickly, "It's just that I value there feelings, you've seen how Hinata's sister has been crushing at you the whole semester and she just got the courage to ask you out."
Naruto's cell phone rang and rock music played from it. He looked at the number before picking it up.
"Oh hey Sai,... yeah I know he won't,... two of her friends?"
Sasuke looked away from Naruto and back to the people busily passing by. He felt something soft brush in his hand. It was a pink peddle, which he could easily distinguish it a cherry blossom one. He could easily remember it from that day but how unrealistic for there to be a peddle when they weren't in bloom yet.
He let go of it as the wind caught it and watched it disappear on the horizon. He looked down where the people had now disappeared and saw Sakura walking from school, holding her long pink hair against the wind.

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