So complicated a Jacob love story

You're in your senior year of highschool your 5'1 with long curly blonde hair ..and hazel eyes .. If anyone has comments or suggestions message me

Chapter 1

1 starting over

by: Willow456
~flash back~ (your 13 In the flash back) as you pack your bags as fast as you can u hear something at your door your almost about done packing so u just shove the last of stuff into your bag even the necklace Jake gave you . You picked up the necklace and started to cry thinking "I'm so sorry but I can't do this any more " just then your mom yelled "are you ready ? You wipe your tears away and you say "yeah mom ! And carry your bags to the trunk of the car just then you see Jake and he looks confused Jake says ''where are you going? You don't say anything you just slip him a note and get into the car the not says ''i'm sorry but I can't take it anymore I have to move i'm sick of it ,now renesmee and u can be all alone ..he put the not up and thought ''what ?I don't understand ..but you were already gone ..end of flash back

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