U smile, I smile (a Justin Bieber love story:)

Hey guys!! This is my very first story!!! Im excited, but if its bad message me to help make it better!!!

Chapter 2

chapter 2

If you want to see morgan and Brittany look at my profile picture :P Brittany is the one on the right and Morgan is on the left! When reading my story feel free to picture it as yourself though!!
"But I don't want to move!!!!" I snapped at my mom. We were sitting in the family room having a "family meeting" AKA Sit there quietly while your mother completely ruins your life!
"I know you don't want to, but we HAVE to This job is an AMAZING oppurtunity for me" My mother quietly said. It was just my mom, me and my twin brother jeremiah. Our dad was gone when we were little and my mother had alwasy sacrificed so much for us so we could have a comfortable lifestyle. I guess I would do this for her.
I got up and put my arms around my mother who had tears running down her face. "Okay mom, I can do this. it's for you and I love you"
"thank you so much britt, We have to make arrangements we are leaving in two days. You need to start packing your clothes"
"Okay" I mumbled as I got up and went upstairs to my room, followed by Jeremiah.
Our rooms were adjoining by the bathroom so we were closer. I went upstairs and out onto my balcony. I looked out over the LA city that I had known as home since I was four years old. This was going to be awful. Luckily I didn't have a bf or a best friend that I would have to leave. I mean sure I had plenty of friends but none that I absolutely couldn't live without! I took a deep breath and went inside and began to pack.

OKAY i know it was short but I figured this was a good place to end! it will get alot better, trust me!!

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