U smile, I smile (a Justin Bieber love story:)

Hey guys!! This is my very first story!!! Im excited, but if its bad message me to help make it better!!!

Chapter 20

Chapter 20!! Comments pleaseeee:) I am sooooo awful!! I feel so bad:( I haven't written in forever!!! But I got a job and the musical and finals and omg :( I'm sorry times a thousand!!! <3

"Morg.. what's wrong..." I asked barely audible.
"I'm.. well.. that was my mom.. we're moving.. to New York.. next week." Morgan sobbed. Christian grabbed her and hugged her tighter and with more love than I have ever seen.
"No.. there's gotta be a way for you to stay. wHy is she moving you!?" I asked
"Sh- she got the job" She said through her tears
"what job??" Asked Chaz
Her mom applied for a job in NY, she didn't want to tell any of you guys before it was final y'know? The only reason I know is because I was there when her mom told her" Christian said still hugging morgan
"Morg, I'm your best friend! How come you didn't tell me??" I asked pulling her into the tightest hug I could muster.
"Because, everything was going so good and i didn't want this to be the oonnly thing we talked about. I'm sorry" She said, hugging me back.
We all sat in silence and just thought about everything.
"Well, my mom's not home, so you're all spending the night with me." i said.
" I wanna have at least one night all of us together, I'm gonna go set the basement up, Justin will you come with me?" I said quietly so that he could only hear the last part.
We went downstairs and began setting up blankets and pull out beds and air mattresses.
"Do you forgive me?"Justin asked quietly
"I was never mad.. i don't think, it just kinda hurt when you didn't even think that what i was saying could be right." i said plugging in the air pump
"Brittany, I'm sorry, I didn't think it was that big of a deal. It won't happen again though. I'll listen to you no matter what okay?" He said kissing my hand in his
"fiiiiineeee" I said grinning
He kissed me so softly then, i figured I'd never be mad again. He didn't pull away until..
We broke apart and looked over to see a smirking Chaz
"I was sent down to see what was taking so long, but I see now hahahaha" chaz laughed.
"shut up!" i blushed
"You can tell them to come down now" Justin said smiling still holding onto me.
"GUYS COME DOWN HERE NOW!!!!!" Chaz screamed jumping on one of the pull out mattresses.
"don't break it!" I laughed!
"I'm not that big!" Chaz said

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