U smile, I smile (a Justin Bieber love story:)

Hey guys!! This is my very first story!!! Im excited, but if its bad message me to help make it better!!!

Chapter 3

chapter 3

The two days went by all too quickly. I was standing in my empty room breathing in the scent of home. A tear slid down my cheek as i turned off my light and shut the door.
"Flight 304 to Atlanta, Georgia now boarding" Said a perky red head behind the counter. Little did she know that with that one sentence she closed the door on my fantasy that maybe this was all a dream and that we weren't really leaving.
We boarded the plane and took our seats me by the window, Jeremiah in the middle and my mom on the aisle. I took out my iPod and went to Facebook. everyone seemed to be talking about one person. Justin Bieber. So, I typed him on YouTube and someone had made a lyrical video to some song called "U smile" I had no idea what he looked like but he had a really nice voice. I fell asleep at some point the last thing I heard was "baby take my open heart.."
I woke up to Jeremiah tickling me. He knew I hated being woken up like that.
"we're hoooomeeeee" he screeched. I opened my eyes to see an empty plane.
"ugh this isn't home. home is back in LA!" I said sleepily. and started for the exit. "whooo hooo testy" he said to me in his girl voice. I couldn't help but to smile. I stepped off the plane to a dusk georgia sky. It was really beautiful. We got into the limo that my moms company sent for us. Everything was already at the house. I hadn't seen it yet and to be honest I was really excited. We pulled up to it and my jaw dropped I must be dreaming.

This is the house http://www.luxuryhomereviews.com/2010/11/19/la-luxury-homes/
this is the back view http://www.luxuryhomereviews.com/2010/11/19/la-luxury-homes/

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