Just a Squib...

Just a Squib...

Okay....this story does have a character that died in the Deathly Hallows even tho this is AFTER it did...but, oh well!

Chapter 1

A big surprise

My best friend Hailey got a letter on her eleventh birthday. According to her, it had told her she was a witch. She'd been told by her mother to keep quiet about it, but she couldn't resist telling me. "Avery," She'd said, "What if YOU'RE one too???" I didn't know how I felt about that before my birthday, but apparantly I'd been hopeful, because when I'd stayed up for two whole days, waiting for a letter and didn't receive one, I'd felt as if someone had punched me in the face and gut.
Hailey suggested that maybe my owl had gotten lost, but I knew she was only trying to make me feel better. But I asked my mum anyway, hoping she'd believe me.
Mum didn't. She told me to go lay down rest, cause she thought I was sick. I guess it figured.
For days I lay awake in my room, for an owl to come bring me a letter like Hailey's. How could she get to be one and not me??? What did I do that made God not want to make me one too???

For three years after, I continued on in normal school without my best friend, stuck in a world she called 'Muggle'. Every summer she'd come home and tell me about fantastic things that I'm not sure I believed were true. The summer before I turned fourteen, we had a particularly rough row. I'd blown my top and was accusing her off going off to a fancy school and mocking me with fake things. She'd disagreed and ended up doing magic to prove her word, sending me sprawling across her bed, which had been on the otherside of the room. Then she'd panicked, but apparently, she never got into trouble. This had angered me again, so we haven't talked since.
Now it's been six months since we fought, and I'm in school. A kid next to me, a VERY short boy with a big head, is looking around anxiously, probably cause he's new. My friend Olivia had tried to talk with him last period and said he jumped every time she spoke to him. He keeps looking at me with eyes that would be too large had his head been normal size.
"Listen, kid, are you okay?!" I whisper and watch him jump a foot.
"Fine...." He says in an unusually squeeky voice. His hands are shaking, but I ignore it cause it apparently isn't bothering him.
The bell rings and I sling my bag over my shoulder, intending to go home. But the kid is on his feet and grabbing my wrist, looking fearful.
"I'm sorry, miss. But...you must come with..with me." He says awkwardly.
"What? Heck no. I'm going home!"
"Please, miss. Please..."
"Umm....okay." I sigh, letting him lead me out the classroom door. Out in the field in the front of the school, the kid pulls me where no one else can see us and takes a deep breath.
"Miss, I is needing you."
"Ex..excuse me?!"
"Please!" He whines, "I is needing you. My friends, miss, is needing you!"
"Whats your name?"
"Do you promise to help?"
"Yes, yea. Whatever. " I say impatiently while he wrings his hands. "Now who are you?"
The boy starts to do something complicated with his hands that makes him look like they're having a seizure, and then the blond hair literally melts off his head. His pale skin begins to drip and disappear on the ground until the boy is left with a blue-ish glow to his creature-like skin, large flappy ears, and orblike green eyes.
"Dobby, miss."


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