Not Alone

Hey guys. Im writing a new scary story and I hope this one's good cause I know my last one pretty much sucked. This one, well, I dont know how to explain it. I just hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1


“No way, dude!” I urged, nudging my best friend Leah. I’d heard way too many things about that house and today was not the day I was taking that chance. It’s not like I wasn’t a giant horror movie fan. Scary movies are my life! But, let me just say that some of those got to me and had kinda distorted my perspective of the world.

Tannin house had been abandoned for years. Everything about it made it seem like I was in another one of my horror movies. From the creaky floorboards to the cobwebbed walls. Of course, I had never gone in there. I’d only heard the stories about it, and nobody would ever make me go in there. Or, would Leah somehow persuade me this time…

“You’re such a dweeb,” she taunted, snickering to herself, her blond curls bouncing up and down as she laughed. I flashed a dirty face, hooked my arm around hers and said, “Let’s go.”

Leah resisted and said, “Fine, we’ll come back tomorrow… night,” she added menacingly. I rolled my eyes, answered, “Yeah, sure, whatever,” and pulled her away from the house. Sometimes Leah was not the best to listen to during situations.

We’d been friends since the third grade and we were VERY different from each other. Leah was iridescent, popular, and smart. I was just a shy, brunette outcast, and I never really talked to anyone except her. My stepparents always tried to cheer me up, with things like “Oh, honey, you know you’re the brightest star in our sky.” Lame, isn’t it.

I had always been there for Leah, and she had always been there for me. How much easier can that lead to a strong friendship? Although, she did irk me sometimes; and I trust myself that I probably do that to her too. See, we understand each other.

We trudged through the dirt and, the calm breeze blew through our hair. A cold, dry autumn morning had greeted us that day, and the afternoon hadn’t done much to change the scenery. Once in a while, the golden rays of the Sun would gleam through the trees and provide some warmth. I didn’t need any. I’d lived in this small town of ours for so long that today I was wearing a tank top and capris. Leah too had gotten used to this and was wearing a halter top with shorts. It’s like the cold didn’t do anything to us…

After five awkward minutes of silence had made an indefinite barrier between me and Leah, she decided to break it.

“You know I’m eventually gonna make you go in there. Even if I do have to force you.”

“Don’t get your hopes up, blondie.” I always enjoyed called her that. It had annoyed her several years before, but she’d gotten used to it. What had irritated Leah so much was that she didn’t have a nickname like THAT for me. She just called me Z. Hi, my name is Zoe Flynn.

Another silence barricaded us again as we came closer and closer to exiting the woods. I thought to myself about the whole situation: Leah was probably just trying to frighten me. I chuckled to myself. Like that would ever happen. I was the master of horror movies. Nothing scared me. Nothing at all. Except for that house…
Leah stopped in her tracks and asked, “What’s so funny?”

“The fact that you think that house scares me.”

Ok, so maybe I was kinda lying to Leah about me not being scared about the house. I mean, she wasn’t. Why should I be?

She put her hands on her hips and said, “Well, isn’t it completely obvious.” Leah turned around and looked at me. There was something…about her. Something that seemed…unusual.

My eyes narrowed and I crossed my arms, “Yeah….no! You wish!” I answered with strict sarcasm and a little bit of anxiety.

“Stop trying to be all tough and reveal yourself, wimp!”

“What is wrong with you?!” I screeched, accidentally pushing her into a bush.

“You *****!” Leah screamed as she immediately stood up and glowered at me. She started to swear and threaten and I was just standing there, freaking out and she came nearer and nearer. So I did what my heart told me to do. I punched her freakin’ big-mouthed face.

Blood started to drip from Leah’s mouth. Her head shook and she screamed as loud as possible, and then the woods were quiet. The wind had stopped, the trees weren’t shaking, not even the crickets were chirping. Absolute silence.

Leah turned to me, her face seeming more normal now.

“Z... w-what happened?” She asked, confused, holding her aching jaw.

“I don’t know, but it was weird. It’s like you became… another person…”

Leah looked right through me and said, “Creepy. Come on, let’s go home.”

Leah was shaking really hard and her skin was ice cold.

“Leah, we really need to get you home. You’re freezing.” I was really worried about my friend.

As we were walking, she just dropped down and started shaking again.


I lay her down by the nearest tree and asked what’s wrong.

“I…don’t…KNOW!!!” She yelled. Leah started to make choking noises and reached for her throat.

“What… is… happening?!?! To me...” she gasped, uttering the words in a hushed tone.

After a while, I knew it was getting dark and the last thing a horror movie fan needed was to be in the woods at nighttime. I pulled Leah up and we finally made it out of there, though with great difficulty.

Leah was starting to regain her balance and I felt a little more assured. Soon, she could walk on her own again, but was still shivering.

We came to a street. I checked both ways and walked.

“Come on, Leah!” I beckoned. She followed my actions and also crossed, but stopped midway.

“I dropped my lipgloss!” she screeched. Leah knelt down, and I knew it was to late. A loud car honk and a giant shadow stopped my heart and Leah slowly rotated her head...

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