heartbreak  (poem)

heartbreak (poem)

Chapter 1

lost hope

I guess it's really over,
But your too blind to see,
What you really are doing to me,

I'll see you and be happy for a while,
When you would walk past me and flash a smile,
But when I remember your no longer mine,
This happiness fades and heartbreak begins to shine,

I'll never forget the things you told me,
The things that made me so happy,
The things that made me think it would last forever,
The things that made me think we were great together,

Why did you have to break this smile,
Why did you say it would be worth while,
Why did you hurt me in the most painful way,
Why didn't you think to say,

You use a lie to break up with me,
You thought that I couldn't see,
That you were lying,

I cried because of you,
I wish I'd died because of you


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