Bitter and Sweet(A Justin Bieber love story)

Name: Michie Taylors
Traits: 5 foot 8,dances,sings,plays guitar and piano,brown eyes,long straight brown
hair,hates justin bieber, loves hugs XD.
Best friends: Hailey,Chandler,Luke.
Siblings:Jade(sister,15) and Mark(Brother,18)
Just a bit of a heads up: Dad died when she was 2,lives in Atlanta,Georgia.

(This story was originally called Everything Happens for a Reason, but I just had to changed it lool:)

Chapter 1


[Michie's P.O.V] Luke:"Let's go watch that new Justin Bieber movie when it comes out!" Me:"You're dreaming!" Hailey:"Come on would be fun!" Chandler:"We should totally go!" Me:"Ugh fine I'm not paying!" Luke:"Fine!I'll pay for Michie but I'm not paying for you peoples...." Hailey&Chandler:"Dang it!" We were in my house just chilling and talking.Everyone was tired from a day at the park.Mom took Jade and Mark shopping so me and my best buds were just waiting till they get home...why? we promised we would help them wash both mom and Mark's car after going to the park.
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