Kiss Kiss Fall In Love (Ouran HSHC with an american twist)

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Chapter 1

Fangirls and confusion

I looked down the crowded hallways of my new school, Ouran Academy. Everyone was in their fancy uniforms, while I was in my awesome vintage tee, and skinny jeans. I really hoped the school board would not make me change. I do not know that much about Japan since I moved here a month ago. I started to put in my ipod headphones. Trying to find a quiet place to listen to my music, I walked into the nearest room. When I opened the door, roses flew into my face. 'Welcome.' There were six boys and one girl wearing a boy uniform standing in the middle of the room. Pretending not to hear them I turned on my ipod and sat down. The volume was high enough for me to hear the song, and low enough for me to hear what they were talking about. A tall blond boy came up to me 'Excuse me, but I havent seen you around here before. Welcome to the host club! I am the king Tamaki Souh! What is your name?' When I did not answer, he pouted and turned to a boy in glasses. 'Mommy, Do you know who this rude man is?' A kid in glasses looked up 'Im surprised you didnt know him Tamaki. This is Alex Daniels the American actor on the new show Foreigner in Love. He has been receiving a lot of attention from the ladies. The host club could make a profit from him.' I took out my headphones. 'Uhh, do you guys hang out here if so I can lea' I was cut of by a girl’s scream. 'Oh my gosh! It’s Alex Daniels from Foreigner in Love!' Then she and several other girls surrounded me asking for autographs. Suddenly Glasses got them all out of the room. That Tamaki guy walked up to me. I was not quite as tall as him but taller than the girl and that little kid. What was he doing in a high school uniform? He looked slightly down at me. 'Well arent you popular with the ladies. But this I must ask.' He looked at me from the side then suddenly he shouted 'WHY WERE STEALING CUSTOMERS FROM US! ARE YOU A SPY FROM LOBELIA? WHY MUST YOU TORTURE US SO?' Then after nearly blowing my eardrums out, he went over to sit in a corner. I turned to Glasses (I liked calling him that) 'Um could you tell me where I am, and what his problem is?' Glasses looked up from his notebook. 'Well Alex, Im Kyoya Ootori, and of course I know your name you’re famous around the school, Tamaki sometimes has tantrums,'
'I do not have tantrums Kyoya!'
'And for your first question, we are the Ouran High School Host Club.'


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