never thought this would happen (a draco malfoy love story)

this is a love story but the beggining makes it seam like it has no love but it wil
name:keith marie levins

Chapter 1

leave me alone

by: MelMalfoy
"Draco leave me alone" i yelled back at him. "Not until you speak to me" he replied. "Why so you can break my heart again? No thanks bud". "I already told you id made a mistake!" he yelled angrily.
He wont leave me alone if theres one thing draco surely is its persistent. "FINE!" i yelled "finally" he said relieved. "Look kie (he was the only person that called me that) im sorry for what i did i was just being stupid i was 14 and i was just a horndog now i 'know' what i really want and thats you for yourself". I felt compelled to forgive him but i could never trust him again after so many times that hes hurt me he was now being nice and he was asking me to forgive him and he was apologizing.
"Look draco i wanna forgive you i really do but its just after all youve done i dont think i can" i said sincerely.
When id been a first year wed dated actually wed dated many times every year except for last year. but anyway in first year he had dated me until he kissed me then he dumped me in second year hed dated me until i let him reach his hand up my shirt and skirt and in third year he dated me until i slept with him. i would give him another chance one day.
"Oh and by the way you werent 14 you were 12, 13,and 14" i told him. "Yes and you were a year younger than me and you still are i took advantage of you keith and i really regret it im not asking you to date me again yet just forgive me". He was a year older than me the only reason we were in the same year was because i was smarter than alot of people.
"ill think about it ok draco." i said firmly "oh thank you thank you kiki" he said leaning in as if he wanted to kiss me "i said id think about it malfoy" i said veering away from his face.
"I love you keith marie levin and nothing you say will change that" he wispered in my ear before leaving me alone to think about what hed just said. He loved me is that true? How can he hes DRACO MALFOY the guy that every girl minus the gryfindors wanted to date. He was soooooo cute and he was sweet when we were alone usually.

After classes finished i went to the great hall to eat. I didnt sit and talk with anyone because they didnt really like me since the draco thing id told a few friends and theyd spread it around so now i was known as the 'slut' and noone hangs around with 'sluts' at this school."You look lonely" said puggy i mean pansy faking sympathy "well you do realise you deserve it dont you? Sleeping with 'my' boyfriend and all". My blood boiled when she said he was her boyfriend just then though draco came strolling in crabbe and goyle at his sides. "Ah shove off it parkinson" he said sitting next to me "i told you we were through a loooooooong time ago" he said exagerating the word long. I saw an opportunity now to make pansy feel the pain she made me feel for so many months. "Ya pansy shove of it" i said then leaning in to draco and snogging him right on the lips and making it last draco kissed me back and soon we were frenching right there. When we parted i glanced over at pansy and waved her goodbye as if we were leaving but in fact that was meant to make her leave.

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