Love is Priceless(a Jacob Black Lovestory)

Love is Priceless(a Jacob Black Lovestory)

Charcter: Mason Allie Call (female)
Relitives:Embry Call
Decirption of charcter: green meidum eyes, black long hair, short ,skinny, medium size nose, medium size breast, small butt, light tanned skin, reagular size lips, outgoing, adventerious, crazy, very smart
Love instrest: Jacob black
Sibilings:Rodney Call(18) Kale Call(5)
Parents:Jane Call(32) Collin Call (34)
So every since this law pass down about copyrighting I'm going to give credit to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 15

Werewolves and Vampires

Mason's P.O.V
Diego told me everything from vampires to werewolves. But he didn't know much about werewolves so he told me about vampires. The one thing he told me that really wasn't surprising was that he to was a vampire."Were do you want to go now?"Diego asked. I shrugged. I've been with Diego for two weeks now and it's been like heaven. We've been to alot a places like the mall,skating ring,park,movies,zoo,coffe shop,and ect. I also met new people like Ms.Gonzalez(Diego's mom) and Miranda(Diego's sister). It was really fun haging out with them."Ok well do you want to go to my house?"he asked."Sure"I said. We drove to Diego's house in slience. We went upstairs into the guest room where I was staying in. I started trying on the clothes."Mason I need to tell you something"Diego said."Go ahead"I said meeting his gaze. He got up and stood 3 inches from my face."I love you Mason"he said looking into my eyes."Well I love you too, as a friend"I said."I mean more than a friend"he said. I didn't know what to say to him. I could tell him the truth but I didn't even think that was the truth. So I didn't say anything I just looked him into the eyes. Our lips were about to tounch until Miranda crashed into the room."Hey Mason there's a girl named Vanessa on the phone for you"she said. Miranda looked at the both at us and smiled."Don't you see were busy?"Diego said through his teeth."She said it was very important"Miranda grinned. I ran down stairs and picked up the phone.
Vanessa:Hey Mason! Ummm I got some bad news.
Me:What is it?
Vanessa:Ok so Embry called me out of nowhere and said he needed to speak to you and I said you weren't here and he ask where were you and I told him that you didn't want anybody to know so he was threating me saying if I didn't tell him that he was going to tell your mom that you flew off to Mexico so I told him where you were and he said meet him at the beach or he's going to come to your litte friends house.
Me:Okay what time?
Me:Thanks Vanessa for every thing!
Vanessa:No problem
I hung up.
"I'm coming with you"Diego said."No Diego it's too dangerous for you"I said."I don't want them to hurt you Mason"Diego said meeting my gaze."Their family Diego and besides you would be in more trouble then me"I said halfway up the stairs. I went into the bathroom and notice something new. My hair was now all tge way down to my shoulders. I took a quick shower put some dark skinny jeans on with a white V neck shirt on and threw on some flip flops. About the time I got done dressing it was 7:27. I rushed down stairs."Please let me come with you"Diego begged. I sighed."Whatever but if you get hurt I told you so"I said."I'll be alright"he smiled. I rolled my eyes. We hopped in the car and drove off.
5 minutes later
We pulled up to the beach."Wow...your family is huge"Diego grinned. I nodded. Embry,Quil,Jacob,Paul,Jared,and some guy that I think is Sam were all there waiting on the beach in a little huddle."Oh brother"I mubbled under my breath. Diego went out the door and opened the door for me. I jumped out. Diego held his out for me."We shouldn't really hold hands"I said. He looked confused but nodded. We walked towards them I looked at their face expressions. Sad,Angry,Confusion was all I could see. We stopped about 10 ft away from them. It was quiet for a moment or two."Who in the hell is this"Embry said angry."This is my friend Diego"I said. Right then eveeybody seemed angry but Jacob,he still had a sad face."Your friend?'Embry growled. I nodded too afraid to give answer."You can't be serious Mason?"he asked. I bit my lip. Embry started shaking."Embry calm down"Jacob said. It felt so good hearing his voice. I missed it so badly. I guess he knew I was looking at him because he started staring at me. It seem like foever that we were staring at eachother. I couldn't help but smile at him. His whole face lit up. I felt like I needed to be right by Jacob hugging him telling that I will always love him no matter what he his. I didn't notice Embry and Diego were arguring until I heard my name." And Mason you are really stupid for hanging out with a bloodsucker!"Embry yelled. That really hurted my feelings. Diego looked at me then growled."Embry don't call her that"Jacob said still staring at me."Well Jacob I'm sorry that your imprint is nuts"he said. That hurted deeper. This time Jacob growled. Diego looked at me and bent down to my ear."We can go now"Diego whispered. There was now a lot of more growls coming from Embry and them. I didn't answer. Diego grabbed my hand started walking off."Your not taking her anywhere!"Jacob yelled. Diego turned around. Jacob wasn't that far from us. Jacob was now tremebling and Diego was hissing. I blacked out....

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