Love is Priceless(a Jacob Black Lovestory)

Love is Priceless(a Jacob Black Lovestory)

Charcter: Mason Allie Call (female)
Relitives:Embry Call
Decirption of charcter: green meidum eyes, black long hair, short ,skinny, medium size nose, medium size breast, small butt, light tanned skin, reagular size lips, outgoing, adventerious, crazy, very smart
Love instrest: Jacob black
Sibilings:Rodney Call(18) Kale Call(5)
Parents:Jane Call(32) Collin Call (34)
So every since this law pass down about copyrighting I'm going to give credit to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 2

Love at first site

for only a minute we stared at each other then one boy coughed like to get one of are attention. oh crap i have to get to class asap bye everybody. i walked real fast to class. when i got in the school i walked stright to my locker then i heard a small squeaky voice calling my name. Vanessa! i said holding my arms out.really May really.what?you left me out in the cold with that weird kid across the street! she nearly yelled.and you missed 1st period!ok V calm down i was just running late,waz the big deal about it?the big deal is that you left me with people i don't know! wow V i never seened dis side of you. ding ding ding! 2nd period bell i moaned. tell me what happened? Vanessa said. okay wait till we get in class.she nodded
Jacob's P.O.V
ha Mason! over here! called Embry when i looked up to see who he was calling to i saw this girl with see through vans skinny jeans a black jacket and a purple minnie mouse shirt.then she looked right at us and turned around.come over here may i want to show you to some of my friends he said trying to act cool when he said some.Embry what are you doing said jared in a quiet voice.are you trying to scare her? no she's my cuz! he said louder than before.the girl took one look at all of us and walk really slow like when i mean slow she was pretty slow.then Embry grabbed her and said"everbody this is my cousin Mason Call she is new here, Mason say hi".hi everyone.all of my crew said hi but me cause i wanted to make a charming introdution.Nice to meet you i said in my most charming voice.she said Nice to meet you too only took me a minute to realise that i loved this girl and that the only way i could make her feel that way too i had to im-im-imprint on i looked deep into her beautiful dark green eyes and tried to do my best but stupid Paul coughed real loud so that Mason could leave.oh crap i have to get to class bye everbody she said in her squeaky voice.she raned away before i could imprint on her.Thanks Paul!i screamed.your welcomed he said in his annoying 5.2 seconds i am about to punch you into next year! i nearly screamed it than pretty boy!he laughed.i got into to punching position and was about to knock him out but Embry got in front of Paul and said Jacob you have more time to flirt with my cousin later.i got out my position and thought for a minute.what if i went to school today and she was in my class?what if in all my classes?what if none?no more time for waiting Jacob it's ethier something or nothing.uh guys i'm gonna go to ok Jared said.siya!

P.S.also if i have more than 3 good reviews and new i'll write another chapter!

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