Love is Priceless(a Jacob Black Lovestory)

Love is Priceless(a Jacob Black Lovestory)

Charcter: Mason Allie Call (female)
Relitives:Embry Call
Decirption of charcter: green meidum eyes, black long hair, short ,skinny, medium size nose, medium size breast, small butt, light tanned skin, reagular size lips, outgoing, adventerious, crazy, very smart
Love instrest: Jacob black
Sibilings:Rodney Call(18) Kale Call(5)
Parents:Jane Call(32) Collin Call (34)
So every since this law pass down about copyrighting I'm going to give credit to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 3

This Is Just The Start, Of A New Beginning

Oh. So thats what happened? Vanessa said with a grin. Noway Vanessa am I gonna go out with him! I whisperd loudly.Girls, pay atention said Mrs.Washburg. Ok Vanessa and I said.Thats not even what I was going to say,but its your life and if you wanna go out-Vannessa said before I interupted her. THATS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I screamed. Everybody turned their heads and stared at us. Before Mrs.Washburg could say anything the bell ranged.DING DING DING! Okay class dont forget tonights homework! said the teacher. Ugggg...3rd period Vanessa moaned. Well see you later V I said in a sad voice. I'll see you later too May Vanessa said. We gave each other a hug and went our sepreat ways.I entered the class room and sat by the cabniet cause today was switch seats day. I hate 3rd period! I mumbled to myself. I dont said a boy that was behind me. And why dont you? I asked. Because your here said the guy. For a minute I thought it was that boy I met at the parking lot today. So I got up and turned around and was about to say something but it wasnt him. It was actually not even close to him. Uhhhhh...what do you want William? I asked him in a annoyed voice. You he said. Well it looks like your dream wont come ture I said. And how do you know my love that the futrue can change coruses? he said touching my cheek. I slaped his hand away.You know what me a favor and get a life and wake up cause you'll never have me! I shouted. love,silence is golden he said. Silence is golden my aass I said to him. I got up and moved further away from him and sat back down and made a little agreement with myself saying that I should take a short nap.

5 minutes later Good morning class! the teacher said real loud. I woke up and then stood up and got my bag. Okay this is our new seating chart. Amber and Michelle,Lucus and Debby,Nesha and Koby,Langston and Jermy and Victoria,Yomi and Fred and Jr..I was crossing my fingers and telling God that I wouldnt get William. Jacob and Mason the teacher said. Thats all I had to hear. I ran to the back seats and sat at the second seat because I hate odd numbers for some reason, especially number 1 cause it's just so sassy oh and I hate number- somebody ruined my thoughts. Hello...again somebody said hin a deep husky voice. Ummm...hi I said as I stared at the same boy I met at the parking lot. I am sorry if I didnt get to introduce my self at the last meeting,but my name is Jacob-Jacob Black. We shook hands and he sat down by me. name is Mason Call even though Embry already told you i said getting a slight glimpse of the memorie.He chuckled. Yeah your cousin is something, he's been talking about you non-stop since he herd you were coming he said chuckling again. and him are pretty close I said shurgging. Me and Jacob talked the whole time during class until the class was over with.DING DING DING Have a nice day boys and girls said Mrs.Langston.I got up and got my bag and was about to go to 4th period until Jacob turned me around. Ouch! I said. Oh sorry I didnt mean to do that, honey Jacob said looking worried. It-Its al-right I said. Hey do you wanna eat lunch with me today? he asked. Sure, only if my friend gets to come with I said. Okay she can come he grinned at me. Alright I said turning around to get out the class. Oh and Mason? he asked. Yes I said. You have the most beautifulist eyes I ever saw. I froze for a minute or two. Oh thank you I said real fast and walked out the room really fast. I bumped into Vanessa. Hey May whats going on? she asked. I have no clue V, but I just fell in love. She looked at me crazy. I'll tell you at lunch. When we were walking to lunch I was thinking. I just realize this is just the start of a new beginning.

P.S. sorry its been so long I just needed a new idea to write about. remeber 3 new commments! and again i am so sorry.

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