I Found Love When I Was Living In A Sea of Hatred...(A Justin Bieber Love story)

I know! I know! Another JB love story. But this one is NOT gonna be cheesy. This one is gonna be surisping and a Page turner(; Keep reading!
Name: Ivy Smith
Features: Long dark hair, bright forest green eyes. Oval face with small features. Has tan golden skin. Great curves with a small body. Innocent, Sneaky, determined, protective and can dance like CRAZY!
Age: 15
Occupation: Dances
Lives: Small town in Ga....Maybe Savannah?
Relationship: Taken

Chapter 1

Chapter one: Seeing

by: Megaronii
Justins POV
I threw on some gym shorts and a old shirt and grabbed my cell phone.
''Mom, i am going to play Basketball!'' I said screaming as i ran out the door.
Ryan. my best friend, was already out there.
''Hey, man.'' He said throwing the ball and missing the basket by millimeters. I laughed and said.
''Nice miss.'' i took a shot and made it. I laughed.
''Justin! Start getting ready for your concert! We leave in 45 minutes!'' My mom screamed from the doorway. I thought..Ugh not again. Another boring smalltown concert. I repeated that in my head a couple of times as i showered and threw on some clothes for a airplane ride. (Outfit: Purple Hoodie. Skinny Jeans for guys and Black converse.And a hat)
I took my Ipod and ran downstairs. We drove to the airport and got on the plane. I fell asleep to A song by Usher (Somebody to love)

Great. Justin Bieber is coming. Yippee! I am so excited..NOT! I thought why does HE have to come, why cant Taylor Swift or just someone else? Ugh.. the boy is just..ugh. Whats the word? Conceited! I smiled at the word as i held josh's hand.
Josh said ''Ivy? Do you wanna go to the park?'' I nodded my head. We walked to the park. I laid down on the warm grass.
''Come on Josh. Dont sit on the bench. Come on! Dont be a baby!'' i said. Josh is terrified of Bees he would die if one stung him he told her. But he is dramatic. He just sat on the bench smiling and nodding his head no. I sighed.
I just laid on my back looking at the blue sky. After awhile Josh started getting bored and touchy. He wanted to kiss. I wasnt the type of girl who was into PDA. I pushed him away gentle but forcefulness as i gave a warning smile.
''No josh, Josh...i said no. Oh dont give me a the pouty look!'' i said. As his lip quivered.
''Please...!'' he repeated. He leaned in again. I was siting up so i just sighed and kissed him. I kissed him with as much passion as kissing my evil Old Grandma. He pulled back. And kissed my neck. His hand ran over my stompache. The hand went down my leg and up again and ran under my dress. I pushed it away. But the hand was determined to reach inside of me. The hand crawled under my underwear and rubbed and slipped a finger inside of me. I stood up quickly and pushed Josh away. And said
''Josh! What the He/ll is wrong with you! That is it Josh! We are over!'' I screamed in his face. I turned to go and thought again how he touches me. And i kicked him in the nuts. He fell back holding them and turning red in the face. I beamed and stomped away. Why couldnt i have done that a lonnng time ago? I kept asking myself. I didnt see the black SUV come onto the road and hit me. I screamed STOP! But everything turned back before i could.

Justins POV

We arrived in the town about 5 minutes ago. Driving down a road. It was really sunny here. Very...southern and homey. From the corner of me eye i saw a girl walking onto the road. Didnt she see the car?? But it was too late we hit her. Good think we were only going 22 i thought. As my mom (the driver) screamed.
I got out of the car. to see a girl about 15 laying unconscious on the road. She had long dark almost black hair, she was very pretty, She had a small face and body. But i could tell i shouldnt underestimate her. She eyes started to flicker open. At first i was frozen by the sight of her eyes. Forest green....Beauitful. Thats alll i could think about. Than i realized she was screaming...at who? Oh me....
''What the He/ll is wrong with you? Didnt you see we WALKING?!?!?'' She yelled. Wow,, even mad she is still beautiful. i thought than i realized she was waiting for me to answer.
''i-i..i didnt-didnt mean to..i-i am sorry!'' i finally got out. Her face softened. She than just got up. And tried to get the mud off her summer dress.
I said ''I am really sorry. Do you need to go to the hostipal?! I think you should go. Yeah you are going. Come on. Get in the car.'' i said opening the door.

Ivy's POV
He said ''I am really sorry. Do you need to go tot he hostipal?! i think you should go. Yeah you are going. Come on. Get in the car.'' He opened the door. Watching me. He was really cute..brown light hair. A cute baby face. But he had a look of protectiveness and determination. I smiled and said ''I think i should...since i got hit by a car.'' He stood there for a second with his mouth open. He shook his head a bit and laughed. I climbed in the car. I forgot there was another person there. A woman. I smiled and said ''Sorry i hit your car.''
She smiled a little and said ''Sorry i hit you''. We laughed. They started driving. I looked at the boy. He looks so familiar..

Justins POV
I could tell she was looking at me. i smiled. And turned to look at her. Than she said ''Do i know you?''
I said ''No. i dont think so.''
She said ''I am pretty sure. You look really familiar.'' Oh god. Crap. I really dont want a crazy fan in my car. My mom said
''He IS Justin Bieber''. The girl was surpised and than she looked at me and she said nodded a bit than she just sat there. Staring at her hands. I was surpised....Not fan? No everybody is a fan. Maybe she doesnt believe me? Yes thats it.
I looked at her and said ''I am Justin Beiber.'' She said '' I know.'' I was surprised.
I said as a joke ''What not a fan?'' She looked at me and said '' Yeah.''
I was surprised. Than mad... What did she know? I am famous and a really good singer? What did this low life know? Who cares what SHE thinks.
i said ''Why?'' She said ''Because. i have my reasons.'' She looked away ending the conversation. I was upset...not because she didnt like me. But because she wont look at me anymore. After 15 minutes of dead silence. We arrived at the Hospital. I got out and opened her door. I reached to take her hand to help her out. She let me. I didnt want to let go. She looked at our hands intertwined and than i at me. She raised a eyebrow. i smiled. Than she shrugged and kept moving. Our hands together.

Ivys POV
He kept holding my hand. i looked at him with a Are you going to let go look? He just smiled. I shrugged oh well. .....
After the check up. The doctor said ''You just are going to have some big dark bruises. No head trauma. No broken bones. You are perfectly fine, Ivy. You may leave if you wish.'' I said ''Thanks, Mr. Jack.''
He just waved it away ''No problem. Tell your dad i said hello.'' He said as I got off the seat. We left. i took my hand away, He looked at me confused. And i said to both of them ''Thank you. I can walk home from here. Thank you again.'' I said. And left.

She left. And my mom looked at me with a eye brow raised ''What arent you going to go get her number? She is a keeper.'' She said and left for the car. I ran to her. And asked ''Whats your name?''
She said ''Ivy Smith.'' Beatuiful. That was all that came to mind.
I reached for her hand. And took out a pen. And wrote my number with a heart on it. And said ''Call me sometime. I would like if you could show me around.''
She smiled and said ''I would like that.''
She walked away. I watched her leave. And thought Ivy Smith..Yeah she is most definitely a keeper..i thought. And whispered Beatuiful. And turned to leave.

End of chapter one. i know its kinda short. But its only the BEGINNING! PLease keep reading. COMMENT.

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