Dead End Justice

I know it isn't very long but I just wanted to see what people think of it.

Chapter 2

2- Blonde-haired, aqua-eyed devil

The aroma of the dingy house was fatally intoxicating. Beneath my ragged pair of converse, the carpet was grimy and stained. 
     "Circe, Sophie, this is Stephen".     
     "Hi Stephen!" Sophie, my eleven-year-old sister, greeted the man naïvely. 
     Knowing better, I simply nodded in acknowledgment. 
     "Hello. That over there is my son, Benjamin. He prefers to be called Ben though" Stephen informed us. 
     "I can speak for myself dad" the lean figure leaning on a doorway spoke. The voice swirled around me like a soft blanket and settled in the air comfortingly. 
     I couldn't help myself, the boy was fine "I'm Circe" 
     "Isn't that Greek for seductive goddess?" Ben asked cockily with a slight smirk pulling at the corners of his smooth lips. 
     "Something like that" I tried to sound nonchalant, but the truth was that the blond-haired, aqua-eyed devil intrigued me greatly. 
     Of course, my sister ruined it all. 
     "Hi! I'm Sophie" she fluttered her eyelashes at him while holding out her hand. Oh gag me. 
     "Hi Sophie" Ben chuckled softly. 
     I swear she swayed slightly and sighed. 
     "Circe, honey" my ma looked at me with fake sincerity "me and Stephen are going out for a bit. Will you please keep an eye on Sophie?"
     "Sure, but only one" I replied, only half joking. I gotta keep the other one on something else I added mentally. 
     "You too son" Stephen ordered. 
     Ben rolled his eyes "Why not"
     "Bye" Stephen and my mother called as they high-tailed it out of the door and into my mother's car. 
     "All right munchkin, bed time" I announced after glancing at the clock on the wall that read 10 o'clock. 
     "Where am I gonna sleep?" she asked in an oh-so-innocent tone while making that stupid little puppy dog face at Ben. 
     "Outside with the rest of the animals" I snapped. 
  "You can sleep in my room" Ben offered. 
     "Okay!" she agreed cheerfully. 
     Ben led her to the room and explained the direction of the bathroom. 
     "So, you wanna take a walk?" he asked curiously. 
     "Sure" I shrugged. 

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