Dead End Justice

I know it isn't very long but I just wanted to see what people think of it.

Chapter 3

3- smirks and smiles are worth their whiles

After slipping on his black Zoo York jacket, we stepped out the door. We made our way down to a small park that was on the end of the street that Ben's house resided on. Circling the tiny opening, we made small talk. 
     "So how old are you?" Ben continued with our little game of questions. 
     "16... you?" I answered. 
     "17... I'll be 18 soon" Ben stated.  
     "I'll be 17 in four months" I added. 
     "Cool..." he stuffed his hands in his pockets and continued strolling through the grass by my side. 
     After a while of this, I noticed that ,somehow, we had returned to his backyard. Ben plopped down on a bench beside the back door and patted the seat beside him. 
     "So, how old's your sister?"
     I rolled my eyes at him,"eleven."
     He grinned cockily,"jealous, are we?"
     "Psh! No!" I scoffed loudly. 
     My words caused his smirk to, incredibly, widen. 
     "Really?" he cocked a blonde eyebrow. 
     "Yeah" I chuckled "why?"
     He shrugged his shoulders suggestively. 
    "Nasty!" I yelled before shoving him forwards, hoping he would fall and hit the cement with a hard "thud" for even thinking that way about my sister. To my greatest pleasure, he dropped to the ground, butt first. In the midst of his falling, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me down on top of him. 
     "What was that for?" he asked. 
     "For thinking like that about my sister!"
     "Who said I was thinking about your sister?" he quirked a brow at me. 
     "Then," a small smirk started to play at my lips as I leaned in close to his ear and whispered "I guess my name serves me well." With that, I bounced off of his stomach to sit back on the bench. 
     "Oh really?" he asked in a playful voice. Before I knew it, my back was pinned between his body and the unforgiving cement. Flipping him over, I straddled his waist and used my hands to pin down his wrists. This pattern continued on until we were both out of air and each laying on our backs. 
     The last thing I remember of that night is my stomach resting on something soft yet hard at the same time. 

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