Dead End Justice

I know it isn't very long but I just wanted to see what people think of it.

Chapter 5

Chap. 5

"Ben...?" my voice wavered and struck a questioning tone. It was dead silent.
"GOTCHA!" he screeched. I slapped his chest.
"A--hole," I got up and walked away, into the living room.
Lighy footsteps followed behind me as I felt two arms wrap around my waist," I was just playing with you." his voice was a whisper.
"I know," I whispered back before whipping around and smiling at him. Rolling his eyes at me, he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder as he began to walk out the front door and down the street. "Where are you taking me? I don't wanna go anywhere I'm too lazy."
"Okay Ms. Lazy. I'm kidnapping you then." I laughed at him.
"Where are we?" I asked confusedly as he set me on the ground.
     "We are," he started," at my friend's house." Rolling my eyes, I followed him into the light blue house. "Hey Caleb, it's me," Ben called into the house. We were met with a short boy lying on a black leather couch. His hair was pitch black and he had an impish face. 
     "Oh hey. What's up? New chick? Cool," he spoke fast. 
     Nice one way conversation dude. 
     "This is my dad's friends daughter," Ben explained. 
     "Oh... Cool. Welcome to the 'hood." 
     "Thanks," I sat on the torn leather," I feel at home already." I propped my feet up on the table and grinned at the guy. 
     He sat up and threw a lanky arm around my shoulder,"I kinda like this one." 
     I rolled my eyes at him,"whatever man." Behind us, the door creaked as footsteps approached. A guy about six foot stood there. His broad shoulders were bare, as were his muscular, tan arms and his flat stomach. I couldn't help but stare. His face had a thin layer of stubble and his sideburns were to the bottom of his ears. Hair like no other, it curled and straightened on every part of his head. It was a dusty blonde color that made me just wanna melt. "Hole sh¡t," I whispered. The man was absolutely unbelievable. But he looked so familiar.   
     "Hey person I don't know," his voice was husky and alluring. 
     "Hey," I answered back, surprisingly calm. 
     The guy beside me pulled me close to him,"don't even think about it. He's taken." I looked at Caleb and I could see something in his eye. I couldn't tell just what it was, but there was definitely something going on with him. 
     I felt a presence on the other side of me as the couch sank,"so what's your name?" it was the shirtless guy. His tanned chest was glistening with sweat. 
     "Circe, yours?"
     "Isaiah," he replied. After a few minutes of chatting with Caleb and Isaiah, Ben got tired of bring left out. 
     "Hey who wants to play football?" Ben suggested. Caleb and Isaiah looked at me as if waiting for permission. 
     "Sure," I agreed. They all smiled. We began to walk down the road to an open piece of land. A green blanket of grass was spread across the ground with patches of brown dirt. Smiling at the vacant lot, I snagged the football from Ben's hand and took off to one side of the strip that had two trees about fifty- yards away from each other. 
     The pounding of feet echoed in my ears. Tossing the ball to Isaiah, I ran after him. "Run man! RUN!" I shouted after him. The man hauled butt down to our in-zone. Suddenly, the ground was rushing up to meet my face. Rolling over, my eyes caught Ben's and I laughed. Realizing my shirt had ridden up, I quickly tugged on the hem if it. 
     "What'd you do that for?" Ben whispered into my ear, slightly grazing my earlobe. 
     "Uh 'cause my stomach was showing..."
     "Yeah but I was liking the view," he said while running his hand down my torso to my hip. 
     "Well that's a shame 'cause you ain't getting another peak," I told him before shoving him off of me and bouncing to my feet. A light tap was placed on my butt as I began to walk off. I pretended not to notice it. 

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