The Death Hunter

Character Info;
Name: Dezmerellda Savior
Age: 16
Hair Color: Onyx Black w/ purple streaks
Eye Color: Silver w/ purple mist
Friends: Bonnie, Elena, Meredeth, Stephan, and Damon
Home town: Mystic Falls
Car: Deep Violet s.u.v.
Species: Human (Not for long!)

Chapter 1


I was on my to school, when a crow hit my windshiel. "Oh!" I said a little to loud. The driver in the other lane looked at me in a funny way. When I looked back at my windshield, the crow was gone! "Was it my mind playing tricks on me?" I asked myself. I restarted my car. My car's engine roared to life, and I drove to Mystic Falls High School. As i drove into my usual place I saw a new black s.u.v. It's owner was leaning on it's hood. He was dressed all in black. He looked my way and smiled. As i got out of my car, he said, "Hello. I'm Damon Salvator. You are?" "I am Dezmerellda Savior. Are you new?" I asked. His smile dissapeared, and a new expression appeared. It was fury. "Is anything wrong?" I asked. His expression was normal now. "No. No, no. I just thought I heard that name from somewhere." He answered. We walked into the school, and everyones heads turned towards Damon and me. I walked swiftly, and Damon asked, "Why is everyone looking?" "Oh, I forgot to tell you. Elena and I are the most popular girls in school."I told him.


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