Okay so this is a year after the problem with raven and her father. Raven gets kidnaped. This is NOT the next chapter of One cut. One mind. One broken heart. Our living hell. this is like the second book of that "series" enjoy! If you haven't read the first book READ IT!

Chapter 1

Dark Love

I woke up to the warmth of Reaper's body on a Saturday morning. He felt sooo warm I didn't even want to get out of bed. I checked under the covers seeing that the both of us still had our pants on. I looked up seeing his beautiful brown eyes. "Morning Raven bird."
I snuggled next to him. "Morning soul catcher." I played with his bang and was lost in his eyes.
He kissed my forehead. "How did you sleep?"
"Quite well you?" I kissed his cheek.
"Better." He smiled. "How's you tattoo feel?"
Oh geeze! I completely forgot that I had one. I took my shirt off and looked in the mirror seeing my back with black wings that expanded from the center of then touching my shoulders. "It feels better."
He smiled. "Thats good." He wrapped his arms around me. "It's getting closer."
I smiled. "Yes, I know that." I stared at the marking.
Skylar my pet husky walked in. "Well thats new." Jason (Reaper's cat) nodded.
"Yeah. But it was my idea." Reaper added. He started hesitating. "Hey, can you two give us some alone time?"
They shrugged. "Sure; but do realize I will be able to sense what your doing to her." Skylar muttered.
The door closed and I looked at him puzzled. He smiled and started kissing my neck. I felt my knees get weak. He put his hand on my hips and I set mine on top of his. I started moaning a little. I pulled away from him. "I-I can't....."
He sighed then hugged me tighter. "I understand. We took it too fast last time, now we have time to work it out."
I sighed then smiled. "Imagine, in a few more years we'll be in collage then after a few more years we'll be able to have a family."
He kissed my cheek. "Looking forward to that hon."
There was giggling coming from the closet. Reaper smiled and walked over and opened it. There were three teens that were a little younger in there. They had brown hair, freckles on their nose, and blue eyes. These were the triplets Axel, Karma, and Chad. "Didn't Raven tell you that her room was off limits for you three?"
"Sorry. We just had to listen to this!" Karma apologized.
"Get out." I sighed. They kept laughing and closed my door. "I swear they're going to end up hurt one of these days."
Reaper laughed and hugged me really tight, "Ah don't worry Raven, they're freshies so they don't know any better."
"I hope you're right." He tickled me and I giggled. "Stop it!" He laughed and picked me up.
"C'mon my raven bird, time to go on that date I promised." He grinned.
I smiled. "I can't go just yet...I need to get ready. Now get out."
His eyebrow raised. "This is a first. Why can't I stay?" He teased. I pushed him out and smiled.
"Because its a surprise." I closed the door before he could say another word. I sighed and walked to my closet. I stared at the billions of clothes I had and couldn't pick on what to wear. So I decided to pick my painted, torn jeans, my Escape the Fate t-shirt, my favorite pair of sneakers and my sweatshirt. I looked around making sure nobody was peaking then took my bra off. I smiled a little then finished getting dressed.
"Raven hurry up!" Reaper banged on the door obviously impatient.
I walked to the window and climbed out of it. Jumping off the last set of windows I landed on the soft grass and got my cell from my pocket. I sped dialed my lover. "Hey baby." I giggled.
"Are you done yet?" He sounded irritated.
"I've been done, I'm just waiting outside by my hybrid." I forgot to tell you that I'm an environmentalist.
His laugh was soo sweet and s.exy it made me melt. "You have to stop sneaking out of the window hon, I don't want you hurt." He teased. "I'll be down in a few." He hung up. I grinned and got into my car blasting the radio.
I heard him get in the car and then I buckled up. "So were to hon?"
I looked at him and smiled. "Well first we're going shopping. After that I'm driving."
"Shopping? My soul catcher wants to go shopping? I really must be losing my mind." I teased. He chuckled and kissed my lips. I pressed the gas pedal and drove out of the driveway. "So where do you want to go shopping?"
"You know where." He smiled.
"Dan's place?" I ask curiously. I got even more excited.
"The one and only." Reaper kissed my cheek and slipped his hand into my jeans.
I bit my lip and smiled. "Your going to make me loose focus. And I wan't Dan to see us in one piece!" He laughed again and started fingering me. I moaned a little and try to focus on the road as he went faster.
"You have more concentration than anybody I know." He chuckled. He went faster and I comed on his finger still moaning. He smiled and licked his fingers clean.
"I swear one day when we have a kid the doctor is going to be surprised." I started. "What on earth have you two been doing? Your baby is all sticky!" Reaper laughed.
"I think we're going to stickier than the kids." He smiled as I parked.
A guy with multi-colored hair and green eyes came running out smiling as we got out of the car. "Group hug!!!" He yelled.
We hugged him. "You added more color to your hair didn't you?" Reaper asked.
"Of corse I did!" Dan proclaimed.
I smiled and walked into the store. "Dan, Reaper wanted to go shopping for once."
"Reaper? Shopping? Oh my goodness, you've been hanging with my bi friends haven't you?" Dan teased.
"You two are going to give me a bad name if people found out I'm willing to do this." He mumbled.
Dan punched his shoulder. "Aw buddy, I've known you the longest and the only time your willing to go shopping is when your on a date and when you need something."
Butterflies filled my stomach as I looked around the shop. I stopped in front of a poster and squealed. "O.M.G!!!!!" I fainted.
Dan picked me up and started smacking me. "Girl, you really need to stop that! Your going to hurt yourself and damage your pretty figure. Now breathe." Did I forget to tell you that Dan is bi? "Now why did you do that?"
"You never told me that Escape the fate has a concert tonight! Here!" I punched his shoulder. "Its sold out!" I pouted.
He rubbed his shoulder and sighed. "Sorry.....but I have that one thing you've been dying for." He smiled.
"Giant panda?" I asked.
"The collar I ordered?" I teased.
"Honey if you even think about getting a collar I will go all g@y boy on you." Dan said. I heard Reaper chuckle in the background. Dan went into the back and came out a few minuets later with a case of an instrument. "Open it."
I took it from him and opened it. I screamed with delight. It was the electric guitar I wanted with all the autographs of my favorite bands. "OMG! Dan I love it!" I hugged him.
"I knew you would." He smiled.
"I hate to break your girly fest but we have to be some were Raven." Reaper butted in. I pouted and gave Dan another hug.
We all gave out goodbyes and walked out the door. When we got to the car I put my guitar in the back seat and got into the passenger seat. Reaper got into the car and started the engine. We drove away. "So were are we going?"
"Its a surprise." He grinned.
"Well I'm taking a nap." I yawned. He smiled as I fell asleep.
A few hours later it was dark and he woke me up. "C'mon Raven! Hurry up!" He jumped out of the car and I got out following him.
"Where are we?" I asked still a little sleepy.
"You'll see." He took my hand as we walked into a building. I heard noises and started getting worried.
We stopped in front of a door with a star on it. Reaper knocked on it. "Who is it?" A very deep voiced ask.
"C'mon man! you know who it is!" Reaper shouted. When the door opened I froze in shock. It was Craig Mabbit!
"Reaper! It's so good to know you made it!" He smiled then looked at me. "So is this your girl?"
He nodded and hugged me. "The only girl for me."
"Wow, she's prettier than you described her." Max poked his head out.
"Reaper t-tell me I'm still dreaming." I stuttered. We walked into the room together.
"Ha, the first girl that hasn't screamed, fainted, or completely freaked out seeing us." I looked over and to my surprise it was Robert.
I blushed. "Thanks....I think. But how are we here? I thought the concert was sold out?" I looked at Reaper but he just had the biggest smile across his face.
"Reaper just so happened to get backstage passes for the two of you thanks to me." I nearly fainted but I kept my cool....IT WAS BRYAN!!!
"Oh my gosh Reaper! Your the best!" I hugged him and he hugged me back.
"Happy birthday hon." He smiled and kissed my forehead.
"Did I hear it was somebodies birthday?" Max asked playfully.
"Time for a song!" Robert proclaimed. They all sang me a fatal birthday.
"Thanks guys." I swear my face was red now.
"You got the guitar right?" Craig asked. I nodded. "Good. Cuz Reaper and Dan told us how badly you wanted one and that Brain was your inspiration." Yep I'm red as a tomato now.
"They did?" I smiled.
Bryan got closer to me and hugged me. "Yes Raven, they did. And don't be embarrassed, I think its kinda cool."
They started walking out pushing us along with them. "We're going to be late for preforming. Hope you enjoy the show!" Max said. They all hugged me as they went on stage. Max squeezed my butt and ran on stage before Reaper could smack him.
"I love you Reaper." I smiled.
He kissed me deeply, "I love you too." The concert went on and it was amazing! A few times Max and Bryan gave me a flirty gesture (Reaper wasn't so happy about that though! XD).
There was an after party and we got to go. We all started talking about random things. "Okay party people! Classic game, spin the bottle!" Max grinned.
We all got in a circle and I got to spin it first. I gave it a good spin and it landed on my crush Bryan. "Ooooooo Bryan." The others teased. Reaper gave a glance to him and then smiled.
We walked into the closet. "Well um how much did they tell you?" I blushed.
"Almost everything." He smiled. My ears went pink. "Hey don't worry." I looked at him and couldn't resist the urge to kiss him. He must have read my mind because we had a sizzling deep kiss.
Craig ripped open the door. "Oooooo lovers in the closet!" He teased. We pulled away from each other and blushed.
Reaper shrugged. "Hey, I'm fine with one kiss.....but you better have done just that!" He gave the death glare.
"It was only a kiss." Bryan laughed. "Raven I wanna hear you play, go get your guitar."
I nodded. "Ok!"
When I got to the car I grabbed my guitar and walked back cautiously. Suddenly someone put their hand over my mouth and whispered. "If you scream your going to regret it." He dragged me across the parking lot making me drop my guitar.
Before he chucked me into the backseat I couldn't help myself. "REAPER!!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!!!" Next thing I knew I was hit on the head and knocked out to the sound of yelling.

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