Ever After...NOT!!!!

This is the untold stories of some well known Fairytale Girls, who've changed from the stories we know so well!
The stories are set 5 years after what happens in the original stories! Hope you enjoy this twisted fairytale & comment, please!!
SugarKart is Red Hood; Lnyx_Minx is Aurora; Sonicxrules is Goldilocks; kewlgirls is Snow White; Simmo123 is Gretel; thehamster is Alice; XneonstrawberriX is the Ballerina Doll; prettystranger is Rapunzel; And paramore789 is Belle!

Chapter 2

Little Trouble in the Big Forest

Hansel & Gretel, we all know the story, but noy what happened 5 years later...


Hansel was out with Red today, so I was all alone. I didn't mind being alone with just mum & dad, but it was boring day in, day out. I walked outside & climbed into my tree-house. It was high up & I could see over numourous trees. I could see hidden houses & smoke from chimneys: but no Hansel & Red.

"Where are you?" I sighed.

I wasn't up there long, before a horrid scream echoed out. I knew it anywhere: Red was in trouble!! I climbed down & raced into the forest, following it to a small clearing. Red's Grannies house stood still, door hanging off the hinges. windows smashed & completely deserted. I looked inside.

"Hello?" I called into the rooms, growing worried. "Red? Hansel? Granny?! Anyone!!!"
"Hello?" a small voice whispered.

I cautiously creeped over to a closet & gently opened it. Red fell out with a loud Thump! I kneeled down beside her & sat her up. I asked her what happened & she replied it was the wolf!

"But, wasn't he dead?" I hissed, looking around. "Where's Hansel?"
"I don't know" she sobbed, beging to cry. "The wolf locked my in the closet, saying he'd be back for me!!"

This was dreadfully frieghtening to me, so I escorted her outside, trying to get her & me back home...

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