Ever After...NOT!!!!

This is the untold stories of some well known Fairytale Girls, who've changed from the stories we know so well!
The stories are set 5 years after what happens in the original stories! Hope you enjoy this twisted fairytale & comment, please!!
SugarKart is Red Hood; Lnyx_Minx is Aurora; Sonicxrules is Goldilocks; kewlgirls is Snow White; Simmo123 is Gretel; thehamster is Alice; XneonstrawberriX is the Ballerina Doll; prettystranger is Rapunzel; And paramore789 is Belle!

Chapter 3

Running in to Trouble

Everyoneknows the story of The Sleeping Beauty but not after 5 years.

I was in my room wondering what to today, when I thought I would go and see Little Red. So I went up to the tallest tower in the castle.

I was halfway there when I hearda scream. I knew that scream from anywhere, it was Red. I ran up the rest of the way. When I looked out the window, I saw Hansel running away from the wolf. He was running towards the gates.

"Open the gates now!" I shouted at the guards.

The guards opened the gate and Hansel came running through the gate. The guards quickley shut the gate. The Wolf ran into the gate and slammed his nose into the steel gate. He looked up and saw me, it looked like he grumble something before running off in the woods.

I ran down the tower and to the gate where Hansel was collasped to the ground. I got the nurses to take him to the spare room. When he woke up, he looked around the room.

"It's alright, you are safe in my castle."

Hansel smiled for a moment, then had a worried look on his face.

"Red and grandma, do you know if they are safe."

"I don't know. Tell me what happen."

"Well I went with Red to give her grandma some medicine. Red went to the window. Then I saw her running to the door. The next thing I knew, Red was screaming and the wolf pushed her into the cupboard and thats when I ran out the door hoping the wolf would follow."

"That Wolf."

I was so angry at the wolf, for trying to hurt Hansel and Red. I looked back to Hansel, he still had the worry look on his face.

"Its alright once you are rested, we will go and look for Red."

He smiled when I said this and went back to sleep. I looked out the window hoping Red was alright, that the wolf had not hurt her.

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