A Double Snape Story(Year 3)

Okay, Snape was married to Amber, their child is Conor and Ariel is Sirius' daughter and Conor's cousin who has moved in with them when Sirius goes to Azkaban.

Chapter 1

The Begining

"Severus, take Ariel, please before the dementors come," Sirius begged.
"I have my own son now Sirius, I'm married, I have a job!"
"Please Severus!"
He gave Severus the baby and ran from the house, the next day in the Daily Prophet the main title was, "Sirius Black Jailed, Daughter Not Found in House..."
12 years later
"Sevvy are you ready for another year at Hogwarts?"
"Year three baby! Just watch out, that Sirius Black might get you," he said jokingly.
"Oh yes Severus, my fathers gonna come and eat me,"
"And your little dog too!"
"You got me a dog?!"
"You wish."
"I do, thanks for ruining it Mr.Snape."
"Sorry Ms. Black, my filter is only so strong."

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