Cold Courage (Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Cold Courage (Damon Salvatore Love Story)

All Carissa De Luca wants to do is go to college to become the inspiring painter she has wanted to be. On her way back from an art exhibit that opened one cold December night, her car breaks down. Her life goes from normal to anything but.

Chapter 1

A Snowy December

The artwork had a creepy feel to it. Blues and blacks were all swirled together. In the painting splotches of greens, meant to represent trees, were draped in snow. I stood back and tilted my head to the side. The painting didn't look any different. I sighed and took a sip of some wine I had sneaked from the waiter who was walking along, offering drinks to people.
I tugged my halter red dress, turned and walked away from the painting. It didn't interest me. I grabbed my coat and headed out to my car. It was a late December night, about 3 weeks until Christmas. Snow was coming down hard, quickly and quietly landing on my chocolate brown hair.
I cranked the heater and waited for my tiny car to heat up enough that I could feel my toes once again. I was out about a hour away from the apartment I lived in.
I started driving home, the back routes were the only way to go. My tiny car didn't have 4 wheel drive so I slowly drove down the ice covered streets. I was hunched over the steering wheel, trying to see through the thick snow pelting the front of my wind shield. Deep forests flanked out next to me.
My car started making a terrible chugging noise.
Oh no. Come on, please not now.
I pulled over to the side of the road, car stopping to a dead halt.
Come on! Don't do this!
I slammed the key turning it. The engine wasn't turning over.
"God Dam!*" I yelled.
I got out of the car pacing up and down the road. Pulling my coat tighter to me I waited for a car to pass by. I was only 10 minutes into the drive when my car broke down. I had no clue where I was. The sides of the road where covered with snow, my coat barely keeping me warm. My teeth started to chatter.
A trucks headlights came into view. I waited on the side of the road that the car wasn't on and waved my hands in the air.
"Hello!" I called above the wind.
The truck didn't seem to see me, or slow down.
In fact, looking back now, I would say the truck actually sped up.
Things started to blur after that.
The truck swerved and struck me, making me fly across the ice, landing in the middle of the road. I screamed out in pain, my leg throbbing.
The truck drove away as if nothing had happened.
I gripped my leg, blood pulsing out. I couldn't sit up, my legs and arms numb from laying on the ice. I shook and held my leg.
I would slip in and out of consciousness as the minutes ticked away, turning into 10 minutes then 30.
I would scream at the top of my lungs, begging anyone to hear. My leg still throbbing. I know lay in a pool of my own blood, soaking my hair and dress. The moon was high in the sky, sending an eerie glow on the road. No cars have passed since the hit and run.
The moon's light went dark all of a sudden, a cloud going over.
"She's bleeding, I can't pick her up, it's been weeks since I've eaten," I quiet voice said. My eyes were closed and I now realized it wasn't a cloud that went over the moon, but a figure.
2 males in fact.
"Your crazy if you think I'm bring her back with us."
"She's obviously hurt, she's on her last breaths."
"Good. So let's wait a while then we got food."
"Pick her up, let's go. This is something we are not talking about."
I still had my eyes clothes, barely registering the conversation. Large hands shifted under me, lifting me off the ground. The cold ground was replaced with a grip crushing me, in a good way.I coughed, blood staining the man's shirt holding me.
"Great," He said.
The other man laughed and we started walking.
I didn't think much after that. Being jostled around made my leg throb worse than every. When I finally couldn't take it anymore, I fell asleep.

___________Auother's Note___________________

I do not know if I will continue this story. Usually I do not like reading or writing fanficitons, but I had a really good idea for a story like this. Let me know if anything is confusing, it is late and I am dead tired, but if I didn't write this now, I didn't think I ever would. It has been on my mind for the past week and I will space out during class thinking about it xD

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