Against All Odds

So, originally I was going to write about some heart-warming tale of courage and finding inner strength, etc etc. But then, I realized there seemed to be only one type of story on Quibblo, and that was - you guessed it - love stories. So, in order to appeal to the public (that would be you guys), I suppose I'll have to force myself to write some romantic story while I bleed from my eyes. Hopefully, when I get popular I can write about something I'm interested in.


Chapter 1


Just a warning, this story would be good for people over the age of thirteen.


Beeeep. Beeeep. Beee-

Rylan smacked her hand down on the alarm clock on her bedside stand before it could complete a third, annoying ring. the device was cut off abruptly as she hit the snooze button, and she gaze an inward sigh of relief, drifting back into a light slumber for just a few minutes...

...Before a loud knocking interrupted her sleep again. Rylan groaned, pushing her dark brown hair from her face and slinging her legs over onto the floor, heaving herself into a standing position. The knocking continued, varying in pace, echoing throughout her moderately-sized apartment.

"I'm coming, good god!" she yelled across her apartment, taking the fluffy robe from her doorknob and slipping it on to cover her bare arms and nearly-bare legs. She was a wearing a pair of Sophie shorts and a tank top, and she certainly didn't want to appear scandalous in front of a stranger.

The knocking stopped, and finally Rylan rushed over to the door, edging it open to peer outside in the hallway, where a skinny young woman stood, smiling, with a heavy-looking shopping bag clutched tightly in her tiny fist. "Hey chicky," the woman greeted Rylan warmly, a small smile on her pink lips.

"Eve!" Rylan exclaimed brightly, pulling the beautiful, blond woman into a tight hug. "What... what are you doing here? It's like, nine o'clock in the morning. On a Saturday." she continued, pulling away and rubbing her eyes, then sidestepping to allow Eve a passage into her apartment. Eve was Rylan's best friend since they both began high-school (they had just graduated from college).

"I decided to get you out of the house," Eve said simply, flopping down on the couch and emptying the contents of her bag. Out poured a pile of make-up, clothes, and several other objects having to do with cosmetics. "So, we're going to the boardwalk."

Rylan groaned in exasperation, putting a hand over her face and shaking her head vigorously. "No, Eve, I don't want to-" she young woman was cut off as her friend stood up, rushed behind her and clasped a small hand over her mouth.

"Hush!" Eve demanded, taking her hand off Rylan's mouth and turning her around with a tiny smirk on her lips. Eve's striking blue eyes met Rylan's dark green ones before she stepped back and reached to hand Rylan a shirt - a bit more revealing than Rylan was comfortable with. "It's summer, we just graduated college, now we're golden. And we're not going to waste the chance to have some fun. Alright? Now put that on, you deserve to look sexy for once."

Rylan rolled her eyes, and in response, Eve winked at her. "Fine, fine," Rylan murmured in defeat, heading toward her room. She changed into the top Eve had given her, as well as her own pair of shorts, and admired her appearance in the mirror. Her small waist has outlined by the fitting, dark purple fabric, and the lace straps and hems gave the tank an elegant look. Rylan decided she approved, sliding on a pair of sandals and exiting her room.

"Ohh!" Eve exclaimed, clapping her hands lightly and giving a wide smile; she obviously approved. "Fabulous; grab your bag and we'll get going."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Approximately twenty minutes later, Rylan and Eve arrived at the boardwalk, where several people were milling about, most likely heading toward the beach, or to the Plaza, where there were several little activities you could do. Eve and Rylan both got out, walking down the pathways slowly, looking all over for something to do. Finally, Eve spotted something that seemed of interest to her.

"Oh!" she exclaimed brightly, grabbing Rylan and pulling her to the side. "Let's get our fortunes told!" They now stood in front of the 'Fortune Teller' - you know, those creepy robotic gypsy torsos in a glass case that would tell you your fortune for a quarter. Rylan rolled her eyes again, marveling at how Eve could be entertained by some so trivial.

"Okay..." Rylan murmured, stepping in front of Eve. "Me first." She pushed a coin into the machine, waiting as it processed the cash, and then the whirring noise that preceded her 'fortune'. Finally, the mechanical gypsy spoke up, it's robotic jaw moving up and down in an unconvincing attempt to appear that it was speaking.

"True love will find it's way to you," the machine clanked in a cold, metallic voice. Rylan snorted, wishing immediately that she could press the coin return button.

Eve gave a little giggle, raising her eyebrow and nudging Rylan, who shook her head softly. "I don't need any man," she said needlessly, turn around and beginning to walk away, not waiting to see if Eve would follow. "Besides, those kind of fortunes are always bullshit anyways."


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