Forever Yours. - A Draco Malfoy Love Story.

Forever Yours. - A Draco Malfoy Love Story.

I've always known for these stories to be super popular and I've decided to chuck mine on here which you can also find on Quizilla. So feel free to read my first chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve.

The sound of footsteps got louder and his face became more distinct. It was him and for some reason, I held my breath when he looked at me. I don't know what it was that made me react like this. "What are you doing here?" I asked him, as he leaned against a pillar a few feet away from me. "I could ask you the same thing." His voice was sharp, maybe a little croaky from crying or something. Again, his face was stern and he had his crisp, black suit on. I could see in the little light that was around, he had dark rims around his eyes which were also bloodshot. I would have asked if he was okay but I knew he would have just spat it back at me, thinking I'm being far too nosy. I didn't want him to think I was trying to dig into his business, but then again, we were on the same ship. "Sometimes I can't sleep. This seems to be the only way to relax me," I spoke up, looking at the star-dotted sky. I looked up at him and noticed he was already looking back at me. He instantly moved his glance elsewhere. It was quiet between us for the next few minutes, but I enjoyed it. His company seemed to also relax me. I didn't know why that was either. As I said, we were on the same ship. Twice in the same night I've seen him and spent more than five minutes together.

Draco made his way next to me, sat down and kept a decent distance between us. "I couldn't sleep either," He said, clearing his throat. Now I felt a little awkward to be this close to him.. without him being inches away from my face and scowling. "Are you scared?" I asked him, thinking out loud. I turned to my left, where Draco was also sat, and stuck my hand in the water of the fountain. I looked at him, curious at what he had to say. His face softened from that constant grimace he had. Just for a second or two, Draco looked so vulnerable for once. That was enough for me to know what he really thought, but he still came out with a simple "No." I didn't push any further than that. "I am." I replied, smiling. Smiling because that was the only way I felt I could get through to him that it was okay to be afraid of something. He ruffled his brows at me, "How can you smile about something like this?" I don't think he got the idea that I had. "Who said I was smiling about this situation?" I snapped back at him. Draco's glare dug deeper, "Then what are you smiling about?" Now he sounded more confused as well as curious.

I took my hand out of the water and wiped it on my pyjama bottoms. I looked at Draco, still smiling, "Because I'm not alone." He seemed to be surprised at my answer, staring at me completely taken aback. I stood up about to leave him to his thoughts until he replied coldly, "We're not equals." My smile dropped and I pursed my lips. I was faced away from him which made it easier for me to reply just as coldly, "No, we're not. But at least I don't lack in compassion." With that, I left. My kindness towards him is going to wear off if he continues to treat me like I'm sh-t on his shoe. Who does he think he is!? Just because he has a skull spewing out a snake on his arm does not make him more superior than me. Or the fact he has that freak of nature, Voldemort, controlling him.

The next morning I tried to be myself. The person I was before this horrendous problem was thrown on me. I had breakfast, I joked with my friends, I messed about in classes and I enjoyed myself. The girls seemed to be happier to see me like this since I had been so strange for the past couple of weeks, and now that the Halloween Ball was coming up I was starting to really get my spirits up. The ball was only for the Fourth Year and above and it was always exciting sneaking out of our rooms to take a look at the girls' gowns when we were younger. It was such an exciting atmosphere. This year it had changed. We were required to wear masquerade masks. I had a feeling this Halloween was going to be extra eerie and creepy. The girls and I had decided we'd go out of town to buy our ball gowns and masks.

We were sat in the common room after classes had ended for the day, the hubbub of the room was warming. "So, do you lot have any clue what your dresses are going to look like or what?" I smiled at them all. "I want mine to be a deep purple, something quite Gothic." Bella spoke up, smiling back at me. She was really pleased to see that I had gone back to normal after what had happened between us. "And you, Rayna?" Eve asked me as she flicked through an old Potions book. I blinked, thinking about what I would actually wear to something so grand. "Well, I'd probably go for a really big princess dress, obviously not a bright colour. I think I'd have it in a dark crimson colour or something. But it all depends really." Then we continued to natter away about who our dates would be, what shoes and masks we'd have, if we'd get drunk, who we'd possibly sleep with. It was all a little bit of fun. Something I had really missed recently.

Now that the Friday was coming up and we luckily had our classes called off for some unknown reason we decided to make a day of it and left for some other town. I wasn't familiar to this town, but Bella and the others seemed to know it like the back of their hand. I had never been hear before. It was a sunny day, which seemed odd for the end of October and the town had a few similarities to Hogsmeade with its cobbled streets and old inns. We found a small dress shop in an alleyway that seemed to be deserted, as if no one ever came in or out of it. The bell above the door rang as we entered the shop. A small, dark woman came from a doorway that was to our right. She looked like the type of woman who would have cursed you for even looking at her funny but she smiled as soon as she saw us. Her smile seemed to gleam, as if she had never seen customers the whole time she had been here. "What a lovely surprise!" She chirped as she scuttled towards us and had a good look at us all. "You may call me Madam Mirosa. Now what can I do for you beautiful young girls?" Madam Mirosa spoke, unbelievably happy. "Uhh.. we're looking for ball gowns suited for a masquerade theme. It's for our school's Halloween Ball." Bella smiled back at the woman. "Oh of course, I'm sure I have plenty of gowns for you all to try on! I haven't young girls come in here for so long, it's nice to have something refreshing for once." Madam Mirosa continued to chirp as she lead us the back of the shop. We were in complete awe as we saw all the wonderful dresses in front and above us. She had everything organised by colour all in different sections and parts of the room. The whole place was well lit and it looked like a boudoir from the Renaissance time or something. I had never seen a room so elegant yet so breathtaking. I ran straight up the stairs to get to the red dresses. The girls had practically scattered all over the room, giggling and squealing at all the beautifully made dresses. Madam Mirosa looked genuinely delighted, I swear I could have seen a tear in eye. She was stood by the doorway, smiling at all of us. I shouted from the level I was at, "Did you make all of these dresses?" Picking on dress out and pressing it against my body and seeing if it would look right on me. "Yes, it's the only way I keep myself happy. I have so much time on my hands that whenever I have a design in my head, I draw it out and make it as soon as I can. It's a shame not many people come and look at my creations." My heart pulsed as she said those words. I felt sorry for her. All of her devotion, time and little money she had would go on these gorgeous dresses. Each and every one were so unique and had something about them that really said something about an individual if they had worn it.

We spent about two hours or so in there, trying on dresses and just simply enjoying ourselves. It was a girl's dream to try on so many extravagant things all in the same day. The gowns were fit to be worn by a royal. But once we had found our dream dresses, we felt sad for Madam Mirosa. We all paid her handsomely for spending this much time with squealing girls and helping us with our fittings and such. I told all the girls to wait outside for me. Madam Mirosa stood behind her counter. "I just wanted to personally thank you for all of this. Your talents won't go unnoticed now that we've been here. We're all so grateful." I smiled at her. I felt her happiness project on to me. "You girls have made my day. I hope you all enjoy your time at the ball." She smiled that big smile of hers. It was like something from a story. A lonely old woman meets a bunch of horrendously loud girls and her life is changed just like that. It made me smile that we could make one person with our ways so happy.

Things like this made me think twice about what I was doing. It hurt to know I was going to make people like her suffer once I assist Draco in one of the most malicious murders in Wizard History. It made my stomach turn but I had to keep a face on throughout the day. After finding shoes and masks to match our gowns we finally made our way home before stopping at Hogsmeade for a few butter beers. We laid on our beds, exhausted from the long, freezing day. It was turning seven, not long until it was dinner. We freshened ourselves up to go to the Great Hall, where it was warm and filled with students. We walked in together, taking our seats on the Ravenclaw table. I caught Draco's gaze for a slight second, which Pansy had noticed and got bitter faced at me. As soon as the hall filled up, Dumbledore got to his feet and made his announcement about the Halloween Ball. "As it is now coming to the time of our traditional festivities, we as teachers would like to wish you an enjoyable time. However, as you all know, only the fourth, fifth and sixth years are only allowed to attend. Years below that will be in common rooms promptly at eight." A few moans and sighs echoed throughout the gigantic room from the younger years. Dumbledore smiled to end his quick speech and we all dug into the food. Hogwarts' dinners were never boring with the variety of food. It seemed to be never ending. I stuffed my face, feeding my growling stomach that hadn't been fed since this morning. I was enjoying myself a little too much according to the looks on the other girls' faces. It made me laugh a little inside.

The feast was the cherry on top of a fantastic day. As we all filed out of the Great Hall, Draco managed to find his way next to me. "Your face has never been so flattering stuffed with food." He sounded amused for once. I felt my ears burn with embarrassment. My face felt hot and I could tell it had gone red. "Shut up, Malfoy." I snapped, striding away from that ego that seemed to have been hibernating in its shell. Bella noticed my flushed face. "What's the matter with you?" Her eyebrow raised. "N-Nothing." I muttered, grabbing her arm to hurry away from Draco's growing amusement that seemed to reach me even from the distance between us.

I slept soundly that night, disregarding Draco's comment about my display in the Great Hall. Merlin, did I feel like an idiot. I can't believe he actually watched me eat. It seemed kind of perverted for a second but again, I paid no attention to my stupid and pointless thread of thought that seemed to be going nowhere again. The Halloween Ball popped into my head. It was tomorrow, and tomorrow was definitely going to be a good day.

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