Forever Yours. - A Draco Malfoy Love Story.

Forever Yours. - A Draco Malfoy Love Story.

I've always known for these stories to be super popular and I've decided to chuck mine on here which you can also find on Quizilla. So feel free to read my first chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 2

Chapter Two.

Soon enough we arrived at the castle. Bella and I hurried to get into out uniforms and into the main hall. Thankfully we got there in time for the Sorting Ceremony. There were very few first years put into Ravenclaw this year. I don't mean to imply that they were stupid, but I was a little surprised considering last year we had alot. I shrugged it off as the feast began after the ceremony. I ate peacefully and finished off with a goblet of pumpkin juice.

I watched Dumbledore as he stood up and silenced everyone in the hall. He began his speech and explained about the search earlier this evening. It was because some of the students could have been put up to something and have weird things in their bags. I shook my head at the thought of Voldemort using students to do his dirty work. I cursed him in my head. Then my eyes flickered over to the Slytherin table, searching for one particular person.

Then I saw the white blonde hair. His white blonde hair. Draco's hair. Then that's when the candle lit above my head. The look on his face on the train, the searching... it all adds up. He's been asked to do something.. but what? What would the Dark Lord want Draco Malfoy to do? And why? Considering his father got chucked in Azkaban. I had to rattle my brain for answers. But I knew for a fact I needed to start snooping about a little to find out.

I don't know why I wanted to. Maybe I could help out Potter. But then again, none of this was my business. Not unless I make it my business by giving Harry information of Draco's actions. And if I'm lucky, I'll probably end up in the same classes as him this year. At least I've got something to do now. Last year was crap because of that stupid toad woman around. Umbridge. Bleh, what a name. Although, being in D.A. was pretty fun. Learnt alot 'cause of Potter. Bingo.

I can pay him back for helping us out: By giving him information. EXACTLY WHAT I SAID. Except now I have a decent reason to cover up my own desires. Now I can openly say nosey is part of my personality. I grinned then received a stinging pain in my back. I turned around and saw Bella behind me, laughing.

"What the hell..!?" I snapped at her, rubbing my sore back.

"We can go now. Dumbledore finished talking and you've been sitting there like a dork grinning to yourself for the past five or six minutes." Bella laughed at me. I let out a weak and brief laugh of sarcasm. "So, what were you thinking about that made you grin like an idiot?"

"Eclairs." I answered, laughing. She laughed with me then shook her head. "Always a weird reason with you." She said, nudging my forearm with her elbow. I raised an eyebrow.

"Why're you nudging me?" I asked, clearing my throat. Bella grinned at me then her eyes focused on someone beside me. I turned to the person she was looking at then my eyes widened. It was him. "And? What about him?"

"Aw, c'mon, I've seen the way you look at him. Especially back at the gates." She giggled but spoke loud enough for only me to hear. I pretended to gag.

"Don't be stupid, Bell. I'd rather look like the backside of a baboon than stare at Draco Malfoy with passion." I snapped at her, probably speaking a little too loud. We were just about to reach the revolving staircases until I felt a stab in my arm. I gasped in pain then turned to the side to face Pansy and Draco. I let out an agitated sigh.

"Now what?" I hissed at them both, pulling out my 11inch cherry wood wand. I didn't hesitate to levitate them both and fling them to the stone corridor walls. Alot of the first years gaped in amazement. Bella pinched me and glared.

"C'mon, before you get in trouble." She said, tugging at my sleeve like a little child. Then I felt a spell skim my cheek. I bit my lip, holding in a gasp of pain. That's when all the students made a circle around me and Pansy. It was her who shot a spell at me.

"I warned you on the train Pansy. Don't be an idiot." I shouted at her, swiping the blood off my cheek with my blouse sleeve. "Besides, aren't you a prefect? Shouldn't you be setting an example?" I snarled, placing a hand on my hip and leaning on one leg.

"Oh, this is my example. My example to the Slytherins!" She screeched at me, shooting another spell which I blocked. I shook my head. "If that's the way you want it. Then that's the way you shall have it." I answered, giving her one of my cruelest glares, which I hope intimidated her. I saw her flinch a little, making me laugh to myself. Then as soon as she took her eyes off me to check on Draco, I shot a spell at her, making her fling back and collapse to the floor. I saw her cough out mouthfuls of blood.

"Miss. Lotus!" I heard a low and deep voice shout at me. I turned to see Snape approaching me. "You are in serious trouble!" He snarled, gripping my forearm and dragging me towards Pansy. He let go as we reached her. Mildred, one of Pansy's acquaintances, helped her up. Snape told us to follow him, which we did without question.

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