Forever Yours. - A Draco Malfoy Love Story.

Forever Yours. - A Draco Malfoy Love Story.

I've always known for these stories to be super popular and I've decided to chuck mine on here which you can also find on Quizilla. So feel free to read my first chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 3

Chapter Three.

We then got to one of the potions classes. He slammed the door shut as we got in.

"The two of you, explain yourselves." He snapped at us, really annoyed. I folded my arms and glared at Pansy then looked back over to Snape.

"Why should I, sir? It's obvious you favour the Slytherins more than I, so I see no point in explaining." I glared, cheeking him confidently. He then shot me a cold look.

"Explain." Snape said once more, now in a more serious and angry tone. I sighed then leaned on a table.

"I happened to be talking about Draco and Pansy, then all of a sudden, I felt someone use a spell on me. Then, I looked to the side and saw Pansy with her wand out and a very annoyed expression. I really really really don't like people using spells on me without permission," I paused, smirking at Pansy who was wiping blood from her chin and leaning on Mildred," Then I levitated Pansy and Draco and flung them to the walls. And now, I leave the rest for Pansy to explain."

Snape looked more irritated at Pansy than me, which I was glad at. And the good thing was, I wasn't lying. So, probably this stupid brat would.

"Well, all that is true. I shot a spell at her and it skimmed her cheek. I personally think she overreacted then she attacked with another spell," Pansy paused, licking her lips which had dry blood plastered on them," Then of course, you, sir, stopped our battle." She finished her brief explanation. Snape looked at us both, then dismissed us. Thank Merlin we parted ways. I went up to the Ravenclaw tower, and she went down into the Slytherin's room of arrogant mongs- um, Slytherin dorms, I meant.

Bella had gone to the Hufflepuff dorms after I got told to go with Snape. I entered the Ravenclaw common room after answering a riddle. I sat by the fire and warmed my hands up, rubbing them together. I yawned a little, slightly bored and really tired. I was one of seven in the common room, everyone else had retreated to their rooms. I wanted to find a good book to read but I was too lazy, so I lay on the rug close to the fire, practicing some Charms, since I wasn't taking it this year I decided to continue a few spells so I wouldn't forget anything.

"Rayna?" I heard someone whisper from the stairs. I turned my head and looked over to the person who called out my name. "Oi, come up here." The female voice hissed at me. It was familiar voice, but I couldn't pinpoint on whose it was.

"Who is it?" I asked, sitting up and fiddling with the silver ring on my index finger. It had my name engraved on the inside of it and on the outside it had a dainty sapphire stone inbedded in the center.

"It's Eve! Now c'mon!" She snapped at me, but she did it in such a polite manner.. which I found a little weird. I sighed and got up then jogged over to the stairs. I ran up and followed Eve. Eve (Seawaters) was another close friend: she has medium length brown hair and bright green eyes. She has a brownish complexion and has quite a bit of puppy fat on her, which I personally found adorable.

We opened the door and walked in. There was most of my friendship group in the room with a bunch of sweets and snacks. It was one of those pigging-out nights before school tomorrow. It was our second year to do it. The girls greeted me with smiles and hellos. I returned them and sat down on one of the beds. We began gossiping and scoffing at the sweets. While I chewed on a chocolate frog one of the girls, Una Trink, turned to me,

"You heard the rumours yet?" She asked, picking up one of those beans that would gave you a voice of an animal. I raised an eyebrow.

"What rumours?" I asked, now chewing slowly on the chocolate frog. I crossed my legs and picked up a pillow, hugging it gently. "They ain't about me, are they?" I dreaded.

"Well, it's got something to do with you," She answered then paused, letting out a bark," Ehm, anyways, you sure you wanna know?" She asked. I rolled my eyes then nodded. "That thing that happened between you and Pansy, apparently it was over Draco. Now everyone thinks you're both fighting for him." Una spoke, leaning on the bed post. I began gagging at the chocolate. Then I threw the pillow to the side.

"Fight? Over Draco?" I laughed, staring at Una. "Where the hell did you get that crap from?" I asked, rolling my eyes. Una coughed, hesitant to answer my question.

"Well, it just began after you and Pansy went off with Snape. Just heard it from some randomer." Una explained, now looking very uncomfortable. My eyebrows raised again.

"I couldn't care less." My face was blank and my eyebrows had settled down.

Una pursed her lips, taking my comment as a command to shut up. Eve stood up and clapped her hands twice.

"Right you lot, out. We're all tired and Flitwick's probably going to be checking and all." Eve shouted, gesturing for the others to leave. Thank Merlin I wasn't sharing with the room with Una. I was with Eve and two other girls, Yvonne and Larissa. I thanked Eve for getting everyone out. She could read me like a book. "Seriously, I don't want a dead body in here." Eve laughed, patting my back," Una's an idiot. Don't let it get to you. So, Draco, eh?" She teased, nudging my arm with her elbow. I grinned.

"Mmm, Draco." I said sarcastically while rolling my eyes. Eve laughed as she got under the covers and lay her head on her pillow. I did the same after I finished getting into my nightwear. The lights flickered off and I lay there staring at the moonlight on the floor that leaked in from the window.

"G'night Ray," Eve yawned, nestling comfortably in her covers.

"Good night." I yawned, too, wriggling a little under my bedsheets trying to get comfortable. My mind was wide awake, but my eyelids were heavy and wanted to rest. I did so then tried to clear my mind from everything to get to sleep. Maybe tomorrow would be a better start...

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