What am I Doing Here?

What am I Doing Here?

This is about Alexa Alice Marie. She was born a normal girl and was always a normal girl. That was until she met one guy... Jason. Jason seemed just shy and sensitive. He was usually cold though and he said he hadn't kissed anyone. This is based on my 17 year old friend Alicia Rice *****.

Story Type: Diary

Chapter 1

My Life

Hello my name is Alexa. I am 15 and I just got this diary... my life is very boring! Nothing changes. My father works as a doctor saving lives..that should be exciting right? And my dad is going to marry my new stepmother Lina Jen Alt. I really like Lina since my mother died in a car accident before I was born. Lina has always been like my mother. She was my dad's friend since I was 2. She made him...well him again. Lina works as a teacher. She teaches college history and kindergarten. I really like her job, because I get to come and help out with the little kindergarten kids. My favorite is Alice Liva Reese. She is a cute girl with brown hair and green eyes. All the little boys in her class are "married" to her. Haha its so cute! I love my life except it is getting so boring!!! I live in a new house and go to a new school. Ok so I started school May 17th (last month) when I moved it. I am pretty popular. I have 2 new besties they are Nick and Sarah. They used to go out, but now Nick likes me. Sarah doesn't care she is really pretty. She has straight black hair, black lipstick, pale skin, perfect features, and she uses make up professionally. Not too much or little. I don't get how Nick could like unflawless me and not flawless Sarah! I love him so much, but I need time after my last break up with Ian. Ian was a cheater. He is 16 and got 17 girls in my school knocked up...including me. I was the 18th. He was 15 and I was 14. I was going to have twin girls named Brandi and Mandi but after all the tears and emotion I got an abortion. The next day I saw him...in my old best friends room knocking up my friend. It was hardcore. She was handcuffed with her mouth taped shut and he was doing her HARD! Really hard. A couple days later she told me she was pregnant and she had bruises all over her. She spilled about my boyfriend and said he forced her. Then her parents were coming in and he jumped out of her room and ran. When they saw her like that they unchained her and gave her 3 tests. She was preggo. She was abused the next day and after she told me that and gave me a final hug. She was abused so much she died..with the baby boy she was going to have. I cried so much... it was so much...there was so much sin... It hurts. Well I should go before I break down. Bye Diary Luv Alexa

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