One of my older songs

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Chapter 1

Untitled song by: Kaila (Me)

Kicked around
Life had me beaten
On the ground
You promised you would
Never let me fall, again.
Lies, lies, lies
You promised you would
Hold me tight
Lies, lies, lies

Do you see what
You've done to me?
A tear at my soul
A stake through my heart
Leave me bleeding
On the floor
You smile as I take
My last breath
Oh, dear, are you happy now?

You say you love me
There is no one else
If that's true,
Do you think of me
When you kiss her?
If I really deserve it,
Please, give me more
More of this bittersweet pain


My scars and teardrops
Are your entertainment
Build me up
Tear me down
Make me laugh
Make me cry
Applaud my death
Anything for you

I've come to see
What you really are
A monster feeding
On all my wounds
Teeth gnawing on my love
Claws ripping my flesh
Menacing eyes
Watching me slowly die


And you say
I'm nothing without you
But I've had enough


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