The games you play when I'm gone

Well, this is my first story soo....i hope u guys like it :) leave comments plzz :)

Chapter 1


"Was there need for that Shelby? You know that I hate it when you dress like that!" my mother sighed and looked at me. "What?! Jeez mom!! Gimme a break!" I said. I looked at my outfit; I was wearing a black halter top for abercrombie, a ripped jean miniskirt, and flats. I didn't see anything wrong with it. "Okay mom. Tell me what's wrong with it??" I pushed. "Whatever, Shelby. Leave before you're leave for school," she replied. I grabbed my keys and purse off the counter and left.

As I walked up the school steps, two big arms seized me up."Hey babe," I said, knowing it was Gabe. He's my boyfriend of three years, captain of the football team and he's majorly popular. "Hey, wanna come to Char's party with me and Jamie tonight?" "Uh..yeah sure. I guess so.." I replied, my voice trailing off. I really don't want to go, but I guess I have to.. "You GUESS?? Char's party is like, one of the biggest of the year!! Baby, what's with you lately?!" He said. " yeah. Whatever. Pick me up at eight." The rest of the day was a blur.

Beeepp-Beeeppp. "Bye mom. I'll be home later." I yelled. "Be home by 1, please." "'Kay, bye."
"Hey babe," Gabe said, kissing me. "Ready for the party?" "Hell yeah! Let's go."

And that is the night my 17-year-old life officially ended.

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