The games you play when I'm gone

Well, this is my first story soo....i hope u guys like it :) leave comments plzz :)

Chapter 2

The End of My Life

The house shook as we walked in. "Hey! Shelby!" is all I heard all night. "Shelb, I'm gonna get another beer. You want one?" asked Gabe. "Um no. You know I don't drink. Why would you even ask that?" I replied. "I don't know. I'm trying to be a gentleman." "Yeah, right," I snorted.

Three hours later, and ready to leave, I went to find Gabe. "GABE!!!!! WHAT THE FU(k ARE YOU DOING IN BED WITH CHAR?!?!?! KNOWING, I AM HERE!!!!!!!!" I screamed.
I couldn't believe this was happening to me, Shelby Williams. The prettiest, most popular girl at school. I started to cry as I ran out of Char's. I could here Gabe on my heels and I didn't look back. Even though I lived more then 3 miles away. And Gabe was my ride home. Maybe I can clear my head. I started to sprint when I heard Gabe's car. His high-beams were on, but I still didn't stop. He sped up. He was right behind me now. Stop Gabe! What are you doing, STOP!!! I thought frantically. Then, he hit me. My body went up and then came down, but my soul didn't. I know how I died, Gabe knows how I died, and so does Charlotte, because they killed me.

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