Then The Darkness Appeared (A Twilight Story)

Then The Darkness Appeared (A Twilight Story)

This is my first story hope you like it.
The story starts from Twilight:New Moon after Jake tells Bella to stay away or whatever but it starts with my character.
Sooooo yea.

Chapter 1

Living A Nightmare

I stood there like a retard as my dad's arm turned into what looked like a life size toothpick and th rusted it into my mom's chest by her heart, her eyes widened while a thin line of crimson red came out her mouth and trickled down to her chin.I still stood there in a daze until I her a thump.

I looked down and saw my mom, tears started to emerge from my eyes, I looked back up and saw my dad turned to me smirking. I turned and ran up the stairs which was hard to do in heels and and a short dress. The second I got into my room I locked it, I grabbed the money that I had left, which was alot and shoved it into the little messenger bag on my bed, putting the messenger bag on.

I ran toward the window and opened the window and put my leg over the ledge. I heard a loud bang and I whipped my head toward my room's door to see my dad broke it down. I started to panic, I put my other leg over the ledge real quick and I jumped landing hard on my legs, which made my heels sink into the dirt. I quickly yanked them out of the ground and started running/limping. I looked behind me to see my dad running after me and he was really fast.

I ran straight into the forest with him behind me, I jumped over logs and tree stumps, all the while I was ignoring my throbbing leg that was screaming in agony. I kept running for about an hour.....LITERALLY, and he was still behind me. I was getting read to stop until I saw a clearing. I quickly started to run toward it, I ran in the middle of it and looked behind me to see no one. I started to panic and whip my head everywhere to see where he was, but saw nothing but darkness and trees. I whipped my head behind me and saw him I made a loud shriek. I tried backing up but he grabbed my throat and lifted me off the ground.

I started to squirm and kick but that only made him squeeze tighter. I glanced at his other arm and saw it was changing into the same thing that he stabbed my mom with. My eyes started to widen out of panic and I started to squirm more, but it quickly died down since I started to feel dizzy and my mind was going haywire. He was just about to stab me but there was a loud growl that stopped him. I moved my eyes to see a gray wolf with dark spots on its back and another wolf with russet fur. My dad looked at them and snarled.

The russet one stared into my eyes then at the hand that was at my throat. He growled loudly, bared his teeth and charged at my dad, which resulted in him dropping me to the ground. I rubbed my neck and looked at the fight that was unfolding before my eyes, the wolf was trying to bite him, while my dad either dodged him,pushed him away,or really got bitten. Soon the other wolf joined in and it turned pretty nasty. There I stood sitting there like retard......AGAIN. I tried to stand up but I guess the pain really got to me now. I guess I had to much adrenaline pumping through my veins to actually notice the pain.

I looked toward the fight and saw my dad run off like a wuss, the gray one ran after him while the russet one stayed behind, it looked at me and I stared at it with a blank expression, but hid behind my blank exterior there was lots of fear.

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